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Winter-Term Reflection and the World’s Urgent Need for Wise, Decisive Leaders


March 4, 2022

Dear Members of the Tuck Community,

In January we began this winter term with great trepidation about the surging omicron variant.  Today we close this term having delivered in-person classes and a great deal of events while continuing to play our part for public health.  Before everyone disperses for a deservedly restful break, I want to thank and congratulate everyone for your dedicated efforts and many accomplishments this winter.

Students, I encourage you to make a bit of time to reflect on the progress you made in the winter quarter. What did you learn from your courses this term?  What ideas did you apply and bring to life in your co-curricular activities? What steps are you taking towards developing into the wise, decisive leaders that our world so urgently needs?

This urgency has been tragically clear in recent days with the Russian military brazenly invading Ukraine.  Beyond the loss of human life, this unprovoked assault has had devastating effects on human rights, the environment, the global economy, and the principles of law and freedom that so many in the United States and around the world hold dear.  Earlier this week, Dartmouth leaders voiced our collective support for everyone around the world who are affected by this atrocity—in particular our own students, faculty, staff, and alumni who are part of the Ukrainian community.

Condemnation of and support against senseless violence are important.  And yet, we are a leading institution of higher education—and so learn we must.

Following spring break, we at Tuck will be convening a series of in-person forums for members of our trust-based learning community to come together, listen, and explore the global, social, and business implications of recent events.  Hannah Payson, executive director of the Center for Business, Government and Society, and Betsy Winslow, executive director for co-curricular learning, will be leading the organization of these forums.  Thoughts and ideas for these forums are welcome from anyone in our community.  During spring break, our regular “Today at Tuck” email digest will highlight any Dartmouth events and programs about the Ukraine situation.  Together we will push toward greater understanding of the circumstances that have led to this war—and of the ways we as wise, decisive leaders can make a better future.

The weight of our world is indeed heavy—a two-year pandemic, ongoing social-justice needs, now war in Ukraine—and this weight is layered on top of the events and stresses of our daily lives.  Your care of yourself—your health, your spirit, and your overall wellbeing—has always been foundational to our shared investment in our distinct learning community.  This care is even more important today.  So, please take good care over the break.  Rest well and be safe.