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Fending off Disruption: Incumbent Strategies for Digital Transformation

Highlights research by Ron Adner and Rahul Kapoor in an article about companies elevating digital priorities in their strategic planning to preempt technological disruption.

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Looking for Hope in the Rubble of Value...

Highlights data compiled by Kenneth French in an article about the current state and future of value investing.

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Boeing Takes Hit to Its Reputation After 2 Plane...

Quotes Paul Argenti in an article about the Boeing 737 Max 8.

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A Better Way to Analyze Which Factors Drive...

Highlights research by Eugene Fama and Kenneth French in an article about how to best analyze which factors drive stock returns.

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The Only Way Manufacturers Can Survive

Vijay Govindarajan and Jeffrey Immelt D’78 write about the need for manufacturers to embrace digital technology to survive and thrive in the future.

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5 Hot Jobs for MBA Graduates

Quotes Stephen Pidgeon T’07, executive director of career services, in an article about the jobs in high demand for MBA graduates.

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Want to Keep Our Graduates in New England?...

April Salas, executive director of the Revers Center for Energy, champions offshore wind as a way to retain more college graduates in New England.

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Five Ways Male-Dominated Industries Can Attract More Female...

Highlights Noreen Doyle T’74, chair of the board of directors at the Newmont Mining Corporation, and other women in business in an article about how male-dominant industries can increase the number of women in leadership roles.

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Time to Give Your Brand a Checkup

Highlights research by Kevin Lane Keller exploring what makes a product or service a true brand.

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How India Builds: Cheaper, Faster, Local

Vijay Govindarajan and coauthor Mahesh Sriram, write how India can be a leader in reverse innovation, particularly when it comes to health care delivery.

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The 20 Best Business Schools for Women in 2019

Highlights Tuck as one of the best business schools in the world for women MBA students.

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U.S. Posted Record-Breaking $891 Billion Goods Trade Deficit...

Quotes Dean Matthew J. Slaughter in an article about the United States’ merchandise trade deficit for 2018.

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