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Biggest Myths about Your Favorite MBA Programs

Quotes T'19s Sophia Cornew and Marcus Morgan in an article debunking common myths about various business schools.

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How Dozens of Olympians and Paralympians Are Taking...

A feature story about Tuck's Next Step: Transition to Business program for military veterans and elite athletes.

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Blockbuster, Toys ‘R’ Us… Manchester United? Business World...

Features Vijay Govindarajan’s Three-Box Solution in an article about soccer club Manchester United’s continued struggles.

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Buffett Waded into Amazon at a Dangerous Stretch

Mentions data compiled by Kenneth French which shows that value stocks lagged growth stocks over the past decade.

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Hate Globalization? Then Embrace Stagnation

Highlights research by Andrew Bernard and Teresa Fort showing the effects of offshoring on a company’s domestic employment and production.

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Why Smart Beta ETFs Protect Investors

Mentions research by Eugene Fama and Kenneth French that established smart beta, or factor investing.

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How the Leading Schools Rank by Specialization

Highlights Tuck, which was ranked #6 by U.S. News & World Report for its specialization in management.

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Why I Chose to Join a Startup, but...

Gail Goodman T’87 writes why she decided to join Pepperlane, a startup that empowers women by helping stay-at-home moms create microbusinesses, as Chief Product Officer.

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How We Chose the 2019 CNBC Disruptor 50 Innovators

Highlights Ron Adner, who was on the advisory council for choosing the 2019 CNBC Disruptor 50.

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Goofiest Terms You Learn in Business School

Quotes Kayla Demers T’19 in an article about terms students learn in business school.

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‘MomBAs’: 3 Women’s Stories of Raising Children in...

Features Bekey Kettering T’19 in an article about three mothers pursuing their MBAs.

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100 MBAs to Watch in the Class of 2019

Features Sam Humbert T’19 in Poets & Quants’ annual list of the 100 MBAs to watch from the year’s graduating class.

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