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Generosity and Your Inner Accountant

Eesha Sharma explores the link between mental accounting and charitable giving.

Getting Closer to Solving the Mystery of Stock Returns

Jonathan Lewellen affirms the reliability of the most commonly used predictors for...

The Evolution of Reputation

Professors from Tuck and Dartmouth apply an evolutionary biology model to corporate...

How Public Opinion Can Influence Organizations

Pino Audia says business leaders are more desirous of social approval than we may...

Is Your Social Network a Biased Sample?

New research takes the “friendship paradox” beyond mathematical theory, and adds...

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Top Five Communication Blunders of 2014

Professor Paul Argenti lists the worst corporate communication blunders for 2014.

The Downside of Hopeful Theories

What’s not to like about a win-win? A lot, if it gets in the way of change.

The Connected Consumer

A product’s early sales data may hold clues for marketers.

Five Things to Consider When Taking Your Brand Global

Professor of Marketing Peter Golder on entering international markets.

COP18 and the Business of Climate Change

The world’s biggest companies have been ramping up efforts to curb climate change.

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A Data-Driven View of Investment Decisions

Q&A with Katharina Lewellen, Associate Professor of Business Administration.

The Simplicity of Complexity

Q&A with Scott Neslin, Albert Wesley Frey Professor of Marketing.

Following the Leader

Sydney Finkelstein's new book will examine talent development in creative industries.

Brand Champion: A Q&A With Kevin Lane Keller

The E.B. Osborn Professor of Marketing on empathy, collegiality, and rock n' roll.

Steve Powell on Tuck’s First-Year Project

Professor Powell says the First-Year Project brings a new form of self-awareness.

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First Do No Harm

H. Gilbert Welch examines the assumptions that drive excessive medical care.

How Should the U.S. Compete With China?

Richard D’Aveni, the Bakala Professor of Strategy, lays out a plan.

Reverse Innovation

Firms innovate for developing countries and then export to the West.

What’s In It for Them?

Professor Ron Adner says having a great idea is not always enough to succeed.

Back to Basics

To innovate for a country like India or China, you have to think very differently.

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