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Alice L. Lin T'14

“Tuck opened up a world of possibilities for me, along with an alumni network that will help me throughout my career.”

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Why Tuck?

I didn’t think I wanted to go to business school initially, but that was before I met any Tuckies. I started working for a Tuck alum and, almost instantly, he began sending me videos about his alma mater on YouTube. He was so passionate about his experience that he got me thinking about going back to school. I knew that the small, tight-knit community that Tuck provides would be a great fit for me.

What Sets Tuck Apart

The most phenomenal thing about Tuck is how everyone truly knows and cares about each other. Just as an example, I went to the Women in Business breakfast at Admitted Students Weekend and Assistant Dean Sally Jaeger remembered that the first time she had ever met me was at that breakfast years ago. That’s the quintessential Tuck experience: intimate encounters where people actually remember and root for you.

Faculty Access

By virtue of being in Hanover, where there aren’t too many other distractions, we have incredible access to faculty. A couple friends and I even took our professor, Emily Blanchard, out to dinner one time. It was great getting to know her outside of a class setting. I’m on the Tuck Student Board as the Quality of Life chair too, so I’ve been able to work really closely with the administration and faculty on a number of  different events.

Opening Doors

Prior to Tuck, I applied to every consulting firm you can imagine, but without an MBA on my resume I didn’t get a single interview. Now I’m going to Deloitte in Boston. Coming to Tuck opened up a world of possibilities for me, along with an alumni network that will continue to help me throughout my career. I’m looking forward to returning the favor.

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