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Douglas M. London T'14

“Tuck has given me the confidence to take a problem, think about it in a structured and creative way, and solve it.”

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Why Tuck?

Tuck’s biggest draw was that it was a residential community where the center of student life is on campus. As I was thinking of taking two years out of work—and out of life, in a sense—being with other people who felt as strongly about the place as I did was important to me. No other school has a community that comes close to Tuck’s.

A Community For Life

What I like about Tuck is that it’s a very coherent experience, both in and out of the classroom: you build a solid foundation in the core that allows you to springboard into electives, which teach not only content but also invaluable leadership and communication skills. It’s really about how you take what you’ve learned at Tuck and translate that into action and inspiring other people. There’s a natural step from the curriculum to the extracurricular and social components of Tuck, the way that you have so much fun skiing or traveling with the same people who are great contributors in class, who will one day help you get a job. The entire experience and Tuck community tie together very nicely.

Putting It All Together

Last term, I was fortunate enough to have a Small Group Lunch with the chief marketing officer of American Express during his visit to campus. During our lively, interactive discussion, he touched on something that I was learning in every single class that term and everything suddenly clicked. I saw how, for an industry leader at the top of an important field, all the individual pieces we learn in class tie together in just one role. Even a functional leader like the chief marketing officer still needs a general management perspective and draws on a lot of the different areas we’re working on at Tuck.

Ready For The World

Tuck has given me the confidence to take a problem, think about it in both a structured and creative way, and bring a whole general management toolkit to solving it. Tuck has also given me a community I’ll take with me for the rest of my life. Whether it’s via conversations, emails, or professional and personal contacts, I’m going to stay tied to Tuck and to all the amazing people I’ve had the opportunity to get to know.

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