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Emily L. Chen T'15

“Tuck has given me a playground to experiment with and hone my leadership style.”

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Why Tuck?

I did my undergrad at Dartmouth and absolutely loved my time here. In many ways, it was a life-changing experience. I met so many smart, driven, and thoughtful people who were, on top of all these things, well intentioned in their aspirations. Being surrounded by those people bred my desire to be impactful and led to my eventual interest in health care. So when I was selecting a program for my MBA, I wanted that same sense of community on which to build my leadership skills. I sought to build a network with people who also valued leading good organizations. That, plus the incredible access to superstar faculty and a strong alumni network made my decision to come to Tuck easy.

A Strong Core

One of my favorite aspects of Tuck’s MBA program is the core curriculum. Professors know exactly what we are learning in our other classes and work to integrate those concepts across the curriculum. The learnings from the core provide a good foundation on which to start your second year. Armed with concepts from finance, operations, marketing, and management, I feel well prepared to tackle any project and customize my learning with an independent study, Research-to-Practice Seminar, Tuck Global Consultancy, and industry-specific electives. Socially, the shared experience of the extremely busy Fall A and B terms brings the class together and allows you to develop strong relationships with a subset of people from your class.

International Opportunities

Tuck provides many formal opportunities to travel abroad, including Learning Expeditions, the First-Year Project course, Tuck Global Consultancy, and exchange programs. I attended the Brazil Learning Expedition over spring break and got to know 20 incredible first- and second-year students as well as the faculty member who accompanied us. We travelled to Ilhéus, a coastal city in the south, to understand how Mars is revitalizing the cacao industry in Brazil. This was my first trip to South America and it broadened my understanding of the challenges and opportunities for doing business in the region.

A Network For Life

Through networking with visiting executives at office hours and lunches here at Tuck, I have learned about the nuances of building relationships—in particular, that it is a two-way street and you need to demonstrate why that person should know and help you. The faculty and alumni have really opened doors for me that I couldn’t imagine prior to coming here. Within five minutes of meeting the faculty director of the Healthcare Initiative, he offered me a job with a startup he invested in that runs a chain of urgent care clinics. I am helping them build their operations as they prepare to scale nationwide.

Becoming Your Best Self

Before I came to Tuck, I spoke to many alumni who gushed about how much they loved Tuck. Now I know why—there is something about living and learning alongside 275 amazing people that breaks down barriers, makes you question or reaffirm your values, and develops you as a person in this short, two-year timeframe. It’s an intense experience, academically and emotionally. It’s what makes Tuck such a special place.

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