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Jennifer L. Tietz T'15

“The beauty of Tuck is that there is so much for everyone, and each journey can be amazing.”

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Why Tuck?

When I looked at Tuck’s website, it was very clear to me that my status as a veteran would be very much appreciated by both the faculty and my classmates here. That really meant a lot coming from a military background: knowing that my background was relevant and important to the people I’d be studying with.

Unique Paths

No two Tuck journeys are alike. The biggest mistake anyone can make when attending business school is to worry that their journey does not seem to be the same as everyone else’s. There are so many people—faculty, other students, staff—who are really interested and invested in helping you figure out what your unique journey is. The beauty of Tuck is that there is so much for everyone, and each journey can be amazing.

A Taste Of Community

I’ve always felt that the best relationships were formed around a table, so I started the food club Tuck Tastes. And, after all, food is really just a proxy for enjoying one another’s company. The club has done five large (approximately 100 people) dinners highlighting different cuisines. I’ve also done more than 20 Small Group Dinners at my house throughout the year where I invite a random assortment of Tuckies over. It’s been a great way for both me and other people to build friendships that we may not have found otherwise.

My Journey

It’s unbelievable how much I’ve changed so far by being here. One thing I’ve really learned at Tuck is that I can be busy in ways that are wholly fulfilling on every level. The things I do here have impact and meaning. Now I’m very confident standing in front of a business audience and conveying ideas that I’ve generated myself with the skills and tools that I’ve learned in my classes.

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