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Kiera T. Jones T'14

“Tuck is a place where I can explore my passions, challenge myself, and have a good laugh at the end of the day.”

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Why Tuck?

I looked for an MBA with a strong dedication to academics, but also a vibrant community feeling and a location that was very close to nature. It seemed that I would have so many opportunities at Tuck: discussing my interests with some of the best professors, learning about and learning from my fellow students, bike-riding in spring and skiing in winter. Everyone here is driven to make the most of the entire experience in all its different dimensions.

Local And Global Community

I am really inspired by Tuck’s traditions of Small Group Dinners as well as by our international programs, like our Learning Expeditions. Both of these give students the chance to get to know each other—and themselves—better and more deeply. While the dinners help build the close-knit Tuck community in Hanover, the Learning Expeditions connect that community to different parts of the world.

So Many Paths

At Tuck, you have the chance to meet and become very close with both international students and professors who can share incredible stories about their home countries and lives. Initiatives like the Center for Global Business and Government also offer students the chance to take on internationally focused projects and research areas that interest them. There are so many paths to explore at Tuck and the exciting part is that if you have a vision or a dream, there are tons of people willing to help you along the way to make it happen.

Growing And Giving Back

Tuck built my confidence in areas of business management where I hadn’t had much experience and gave me the chance to take on a variety of leadership roles. Tuck creates an environment that encourages students to be proactive, to lead, and to work as a team so that you can grow and share across the bigger Tuck community and the world. As an alumna, I look forward to helping future generations of Tuck students fulfill their dreams by going after the opportunities that they are most passionate about.

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