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Sreevishnu Narayanasamy T'13

“When I got here I realized that the amount of access the students have to faculty is just phenomenal.”

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Why Tuck?

I was looking for a school where I would feel comfortable and could thrive. Knowing that I do well in close-knit places where I know fewer people in a deeper way made it much easier to choose Tuck. This was a place I could see myself for a couple years, making meaningful relationships with people, having intellectually stimulating conversations, and making the best of the two years I’m taking off from my career.

Faculty access

When I got here I realized that the amount of access the students have to faculty is just phenomenal. It’s one thing to visit a professor during office hours, but another to go to several professors’ houses, cook with them, hang out with their families, and get to know them outside the work setting. These are people who are preeminent experts in the fields they’re working in. To know them personally and be able to call them up in the future when I have questions; it’s a fantastic resource and you’d be silly not to take advantage of that. That’s something the scale of Tuck offers.

Beyond the classroom

I co-founded a startup company at Tuck through the Introduction to Entrepreneurship course, and we then took it forward to the Advanced Entrepreneurship class. Then we entered and won the Barris Incubator contest, which helped us develop our product. We also won the top prize at the Greener Ventures entrepreneurship contest. Now it’s basically an official company and we’re working on getting customers and rolling out the product. The idea is mobile-based micro-surveys to gather customer feedback right after the retail transaction. The goal is to reduce the gap between when the experience actually happens and when you hear back from the customer, while at the same time making it easier for the customer to give feedback. The company is called Instant Insight.

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