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Stephanie Butler, February 28, 2017 | 0 comments
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Dear Waitlisters,

Last week, I did a chat on Beat the GMAT specifically to offer some transparency and advice to those on the waitlist. If you attended—thank you! It was an incredibly active discussion (which I hope means it was helpful!). For those who couldn’t make it, you can find the full transcript here. I also thought it might be helpful to take another look at the waitlist FAQs, originally included with your decision.

Please continue to be patient and respectful of our process. We know you’re enthusiastic about Tuck and about improving your candidacy—we love that! That said, we’re still in the middle of a busy application season. We know you’re anxiously waiting to hear from us, and wouldn’t leave you hanging without good reason. The waitlist is not an easy place to be, but it does mean there’s still a chance of admission! Take a deep breath and use this time to reflect (this blog post might help).

Thanks for hanging in there!


Waitlist FAQs

1. How many applicants are placed on the waitlist?
The number of candidates placed on the waitlist fluctuates from year to year depending on the size and quality of the applicant pool.

2. How many applicants were offered admission from the waitlist in the past few years?
Each year there are waitlisted candidates who are offered admission. The number varies depending on application numbers and enrollment for a given year. It is our belief that each waitlisted applicant has a legitimate chance at admission to Tuck.

3. How long do candidates typically remain on the waitlist?
It is difficult for us to provide specific probability of admission or the timing of a final decision as the time frame does vary. Applications can be re-reviewed by the Admissions Committee at any time, but this typically happens between May and July. Applicants may be offered admission, their waitlist status may be extended or they may be released and encouraged to reapply the following year.

4. Will I receive feedback on my application while I am on the waitlist?
Due to heavy volume, the admissions team is not immediately available to provide feedback on your application. Historically, a member of the admissions team will provide you with feedback by email in late March. In the meantime, think about areas of your application that might need strengthening. Some common areas for feedback are related to a GMAT score that is below average, limited quantitative experience, and/or goals that need clarification. Please take some time to reflect back on your application. As mentioned in the above letter, you may contact us with any updates through the above link to the Tuck Waitlist email address.

5. What is the process for applying for financial aid if I am waitlisted?
Last year, 78% of Tuck students applied for financial aid. We will do our best to work through the financial aid process with any students admitted from the waitlist. If you have additional questions, please email the Tuck financial aid office at tuck.financial.aid@dartmouth.edu.

6. Does Tuck rank the waitlist?
Tuck does not rank applicants on the waitlist. Instead, each waitlisted applicant’s file is re-reviewed and compared with other candidates.

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