Evaluation Criteria

There is no formula for admission to Tuck.

It is impossible to predict a candidate's chances of admission solely by looking at his or her academic record and test scores. Each decision hinges on the interplay of six principal factors:

Demonstrated Academic Excellence

Tuck seeks applicants who possess outstanding academic abilities and intellectual curiosity, and who will be actively engaged in the educational process. Given the analytical rigor of the Tuck curriculum, we pay special attention to each applicant's ability to master quantitative concepts. There is no particular course of study required to apply.

Demonstrated Leadership

Tuck looks for applicants who have been leaders in a variety of settings: extracurricular activities at college or university, the workplace, or the community. We assess leadership potential by looking at experiences, accomplishments, and letters of reference.

Demonstrated Accomplishments

Tuck seeks candidates who have the passion to make a significant impact in the classroom, in the business world, and in society. Candidates we accept do not simply go through the motions of attending school, working, or joining organizations—they have put their heart and soul into helping make those institutions better in some tangible way.

Interpersonal Skills

At Tuck, we believe that strong interpersonal skills are essential for success as a leader and as a team member. Through the interview process, we try to get a sense of each candidate's personality and communication skills. We also look for quality and clarity of thought in written answers and essays.

Diversity of Background and Experience

Tuck seeks a variety of candidates who will bring a range of backgrounds and perspectives to the classroom and the Tuck community. The admissions committee works diligently to select the most qualified students who will thrive in, contribute to, and benefit from the active co-curricular life at Tuck.

Global Mindset

At Tuck, we believe that candidates who possess a global point of view not only add depth to the education experience but are also poised for the most challenging and diverse career opportunities. We consider global mindset to be multifaceted, and we evaluate many aspects of it—from fluency in a second language to work, study, and extensive travel outside of one’s home country.