Meet the Dean

Fall 2017

Fall at Tuck is a time of many firsts. The first week of October, for example, marks the end of Fall A for our first-year students.  The T19’s are an exceptionally talented and diverse class. They arrived with the highest average GMAT score ever—722—with 12 percent already possessing an advanced degree. In many important ways, they reflect the world in which they will soon again work. They hail from 38 countries by citizenship; they are 44 percent women, the most ever for a Tuck class, surpassing even last year’s record mark; and at 23 percent they are the highest-ever percentage of U.S. minority student enrollment.

Fall can also be a time for reflection. As the rhythms of summer give way to the crisper fall air, we all can gain from sharpening our habits of reflection—especially when done with others in our distinctly collaborative Tuck community. Research insights for faculty often appear when time is given to hear the novel questions of colleagues and students, or to perceive old patterns in fresh ways. Learning for students is often the deepest and longest lasting when time is given to connect ideas and frameworks, or to teach concepts to fellow classmates.

Our world around us remains full of both great promise yet also tragic frailties. Some days we marvel at new technologies and emerging markets, as we did recently when a talented group of second-year students and Tuck staff collaborated with Tesla for our first-ever case competition. Other days we mourn at the depravity that humanity seems incapable of moving past, as we did with the Oct. 1 tragedy in Las Vegas.

Reflection today empowers all of us to take wiser actions tomorrow. The research supports this, as do the habits of successful leaders who, even during their very busy days, find time to reflect. The academic year now well under way holds great promise—in our MBA program, yes, and also in all of our pre- and post-MBA programs like Business Bridge, MHCDS, and Next Step. So that all this promise can be fully realized, I encourage all of us to be intentional in making the time to periodically reflect and recharge. It will be time well spent.


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