Meet the Dean

September 26, 2016

All great organizations have at their core a clearly articulated mission and strategy that define and guide them in everything they do.

Over the last year I have worked with colleagues across Tuck on refining our mission and strategy to enhance what we do so well as a school and reach in new directions. It has been an invigorating and affirming process, the results of which I am excited to share with you today.

You can find the full text of Tuck’s refined mission, vision, and strategy here. Its spirit is captured in a 10-word mission statement that gives voice to who we are today and who we aspire to be in the future: Tuck educates wise leaders to better the world of business.

It is my hope that these words will not only shape our actions and our impact on the world, but will also remind us of the broadest aspirations that led to Tuck’s founding more than a century ago—and the responsibility that comes with it.



Video—Dean Slaughter: The World Yearns for Inspiring Leaders