Meet the Dean

July 1, 2015

I am equal parts very excited and very honored to write to you on this, my first official day as dean of the Tuck School.

Preparing for today in recent months, I have spoken about Tuck with literally hundreds of people around the world—both with those who are part of the Tuck community and also with many others from the broader world. Two themes have recurred in so many of these conversations.

One is admiration for Tuck’s essential values. Integrity in all endeavors, teamwork that reaches beyond oneself in a supportive community, and a philosophy that the highest-quality learning comes from connecting amazing students with leading scholars: around the world, people recognize these values as the foundation of Tuck’s success.

The other is wonder at what the future of business education holds. These are invigorating and challenging times for business education and, more generally, for higher education as well. In a global economy that continues to become more dynamic and more diverse, will business schools provide the knowledge and inspiration needed for business leaders to do well and do good?


Video—Dean Slaughter: The World Yearns for Inspiring Leaders

For the Tuck School, I am confident that the answer to this question is a resounding yes.

Hewing to the values that have distinguished Tuck for 115 years, I look forward to leading Tuck both in refining the many things we do so well and also in reaching in new directions. Tuck has always innovated. Indeed, the very founding of the Tuck School was an audacious creation in a fast-growth emerging market called the United States by visionaries who recognized an unmet educational need to better business and the broader world.

Tuck has long been among the premier business schools in preparing leaders for which the world is yearning. How we at Tuck create these aspirational leaders will surely continue to change. I am so excited to partner with all of you to craft the Tuck School that, true to our guiding values, serves the emerging needs of tomorrow.

Warmest regards,