Staff Directory



Thomas J. Abbatiello
Senior Client Executive, Executive Education
Dale Abramson
Academic Coordinator
Doreen J. Aher
Academic Coordinator
Nancy L. Allison
Administrative Assistant, Information Technology


Patti A. Bacon
Project Manager, Communications
Kate E. Barlow
Associate Director, Alumni Services
Philip E. Barta
Senior Managing Director, Custom Programs; Senior Associate Director, Executive Education
Laurence R. Bassett
Instructional Technology Support Consultant, Digital Education
Arpi Bazarian
Assistant Director of Development, Tuck Annual Giving
Roderick J. Beaton III
Support Analyst, Information Technology
Sandy Belisle
Financial Aid Counselor, Financial Aid
MaryLee Biathrow
Academic Coordinator
Jamie A.T. Blanford
Academic Coordinator
Joan P. Blood
Coordinator, Events and Facilities
Matthew Bolduc T’08
Research Associate
Diane L. Bonin
Director, Financial Aid
Amanda Boughman
Program Coordinator, MBA Program
J. Mark Boughter
Associate Director for Systems Administration and Operations, Information Technology
Marc P. Brauch
Marketing and Admissions Coordinator, Tuck Business Bridge Program
Hans-Ch. Brechbühl
Adjunct Associate Professor of Business Administration; Executive Director, Glassmeyer/McNamee Center for Digital Strategies
Geoffrey V. Bronner
Associate Director for Online Services, Information Technology
Jennifer H. Brown T’90
Senior Associate Director of Development, Major Giving, Development and Alumni Services
Ann E. Bunnell
Director, Finance Center
Robert A. Burnham
Senior Research Computing Associate
Stephanie L. Butler
Marketing Coordinator, Admissions


Clark R. Callahan
Executive Director, Executive Education
Theresa Ciambra
Sr. Coordinator, Events and Facilities
Lauren A. Clark
Program Manager, Center for Business & Society
Dawna Clarke
Director, Admissions
Carolyn M. Clinton
Design and Development Manager, Executive Education
Sarah C. Cloud
Senior Program Coordinator, Executive Education
Sarah L. Cook
Operatons and Business Analysis Manager, Development and Alumni Services
Andrew C. Coombs
Academic Coordinator
Gregory T. Cooper
Client Executive, Executive Education
Alex T. Corindia
Marketing and Admissions Assistant, Tuck Business Bridge Program
Barbara E. Crawford
Program Coordinator, MBA Program Office
Anne M. (Culp) Linge
Associate Director of Media Relations, Communications


Valerie C. Davio
Client Relationship Manager, Executive Education
Laura J. DeCapua
Photographic Specialist, Communications
Timothy S. DePree
Senior Programmer Analyst III, Information Technology
Gina Clark des Cognets T’01
Director of Marketing and Communications, Communications
Sandra Dibbell
Assistant to the Associate Deans, Dean's Office
Paul F. Doscher
Business Development Manager, Tuck Business Bridge Program
Christine Dowman
Academic Coordinator
Michelle Loveys Dozier
Business Development and Marketing Coordinator, Executive Education
Dia Draper
Associate Director, Strategic Initiatives, MBA Program Office


Anne G. Esler
Reference Librarian, Feldberg Library


Nicole Faherty
Managing Director, Tuck Business Bridge Program; Assistant Director, Executive Education
Cynthia L. Falzarano
Administrative Coordinator, Development and Alumni Services
Mariah Rene Farbotko
Events Manager, Development and Alumni Services
Mark J. Farrell
Senior Support Analyst, Information Technology
Richard W. Felver
Reference Librarian, Feldberg Library
Scott P. Fletcher
Web Producer, Communications
Rachael French
Senior Program Coordinator, Executive Education
James R. Fries
Librarian, Feldberg Library


Nancy M. Garrett
Program Coordination Manager, Executive Education
Carole Gaudet
Communications and Marketing Specialist, Center for Business & Society
Travis Gere
Senior Programmer Analyst I, Information Technology
Heather M. Gere
Multimedia Content Specialist, Communications
James A. Giberson
Director of Dining, Byrne Dining
Anne Givens
Research Associate
Kenneth Gonzalez-Ponce
Document and Technology Specialist, Feldberg Library
Steve Gore
Financial Analyst/Senior Specialist, Finance Center
Stephen G. Goss
Housing and Program Assistant, Executive Education
Nancy Granada
Senior Associate Director of Marketing and Communications, Admissions
Paula E. Graves
Senior Programs Manager, Executive Education
Brenda Gray
Program Manager, First-Year Project, MBA Program Office
Amy-Louise Greenhalgh
Gift Recording Supervisor, Development and Alumni Services
Andrew Grimson T’06
Director, Office of Digital Education
Geoffrey T. Gunning
Academic Coordinator
Rong Guo
Research Computing Associate


Patricia D. Harrison
Senior Associate Director, Evaluation, Admissions
William S. Harrold
Associate Director of Development, Major Giving, Development and Alumni Services
Kimberlee Hayward
Academic Coordinator
Mark G. Heels
User Support Analyst, Information Technology
Janifer T. Holt
Reference Librarian, Feldberg Library
Mary Jo Hotaling
Administrative Assistant, Human Resources
Loren Hudson
Senior Systems Architect / Systems Administrator, Information Technology
Kati Hudson
Senior Academic Coordinator, Lindenauer Center for Corporate Governance
Evelyn D. Huppert
Academic Coordinator
Christopher Huston
Research Associate, Digital Education


Sally O. Jaeger
Assistant Dean and Director, MBA Program
Kara L. Jerez
Communications Assistant, Communications
Jennifer T. Johnson
Marketing and Communications Manager, Executive Education


Patroklos Karantinos T’12
Strategic Projects Manager, Executive Education
Kirk Kardashian
Senior Writer, Communications
Laura Kash
Senior Program Coordinator, Executive Education
Nancy T. Katz
Stewardship and Gift Recording Coordinator, Development and Alumni Services
Shafika M. Khayatt
Associate Director of Development, Major Giving; Director, Corporate Relations
Amber M. Kilduff
Special Services Coordinator, AMOS
Andrew Kilibarda
Specialist, Finance Center
Susan E. Knapp
Marketing and Communications Specialist, Center for Global Business and Government
Justine M. Kohr
Marketing and Communications Manager, Office of Communications
Belinda Kwiatkowski
Assistant Director, Systems and Operations, Admissions


Kristine H. Laca
Key Countries Representative, Admissions
Richard Langdell
Library Services Specialist, Feldberg Library
Kerry L. Laufer
Director, Tuck Global Consultancy
Donna J. Lawless
Assistant Director, Finance and Operations, Executive Education
Annette M. Lepine
Senior Specialist, Finance Center
Lori Lorigo
Associate Director, Knowledge Management and Recruiting Operations, Career Development
Matthew Lotterhand
Data and Research Analyst, Dean’s Office
Joanna C. Lovett
Senior Business Systems Analyst, Information Technology
Steven D. Lubrano T’87
Assistant Dean of Administration and Chief Operations Officer, Dean’s Office
Annette Lyman
Center Administrator, Center for Leadership


Mathias Machado T’09
Associate Director, Career Development
Timothy G. Malcolm
Project Manager, Tuck Connect
Stacie J. Marshall
Registrar, MBA Program
Jonathan D. Masland
Director, Career Development Office
Michele McMahon
Gift Recording Specialist, Development and Alumni Services
Donna McMahon
Academic Coordinator
Richard McNulty
Lecturer; Executive Director, Center for Leadership
Catherine M. Melocik
Senior Publications Manager, Communications
Cecile J. Menard
Senior Program Coordinator, Executive Education
Eric Merklein
Academic Video Production Manager
Carol L. Millay
Academic Coordinator
Lisa Miller
Executive Director, Center for Global Business and Government
Amy L. Mitson
Senior Associate Director, Recruitment and Communications, Admissions
Lauren A. Morse
Assistant Director, MBA Program
Richard A. Mosenthal
Managing Director, Open Enrollment Programs; Assoc. Director, Executive Education
Mark Mounts
Reference Librarian, Feldberg Library
Emily R. Muther
Associate Director of Development, Annual Giving, Development and Alumni Services


Elizabeth Zaldastani Napier T’91
Associate Director, Career Development
Thomas W. Naughton D’89, T’96
Adjunct Associate Professor of Business Administration; Executive Director, Center for Private Equity and Entrepreneurship
Phyllis Nemhauser
Library Supervisor, Feldberg Library
Emily G. Nichols
Associate Director of Corporate Relations and Outreach


Deirdre C. O’Donnell
Associate Director, Career Development Office
Jessica A. Osgood
Academic Coordinator


Patricia Palmiotto
Executive Director, Center for Business & Society
Penny Paquette T’76
Assistant Dean for Strategic Initiatives, Dean’s Office
Christopher L. Paras
Associate Director for User Support Services, Information Technology
Sonia Pargellis
Content and Communications Specialist, Executive Education
Matthew E. Paronto
Research Associate, Lab Manager
Alison D. Pearson
Academic Coordinator
Jonathan Peyster
Program Manager, Center for Global Business and Government
Dena T. Peyster
Recruiting Programs Associate, Career Development
Stephen Pidgeon T’07
Associate Director, Career Development
Kelli C. Pippin
Marketing and Communications Manager, Center for Digital Strategies
Stanley D. Pyc
Director, Information Technology


Albert Read
Support Analyst, Information Technology
Becky Rice
Director, First-Year Project, MBA Program
Nicole Richer-Maloney
Specialist, Finance Center
Marie G. Ricketts
Senior Programmer Architect, Information Technology
Richard W. Rielly Jr.
Academic Coordinator
Jonathan Riggs
Writer, Communications
Kristin A. Roth
Associate Director, Admissions
Suzanne Rubin
Executive Director, Healthcare Initiative


Kate M. Schackai
Donor Relations and Stewardship Officer, Development and Alumni Services
Heather L. Schwamb
Events Coordinator and Assistant to the Director, Admissions
Cynthia M. Scott
Donor and Board Relations Officer, Development and Alumni Services
Alice R. Sedgwick
Program Manager, Tuck Business Bridge Program
Lauren Seifert
Recruiting Manager, Career Development Office
Karen Sluzenski
Reference Librarian, Feldberg Library
Kristy J. Snow
Assistant Director, Financial Aid
Tammy M. Stebbins
HR Coordinator; Manager of Academic Support
Andrew R. Steele T’79
Executive Director, Development and Alumni Services


Leslie R. Tait
Academic Coordinator and Center Administrator, Center for Digital Strategies
Nanette R. Thelemaque
Recruiting Coordinator, Career Development Office
Greer Thomas
Events and Facilities Coordinator, Facilities
Beth Tilden
Special Services Technician, AMOS
Paula Tilson
Program Administrator, Center for Private Equity and Entrepreneurship
Sudershan Tirumala T’10
Key Countries Representative
Gelsey Tolosa
Admissions Coordinator, Admissions
John W. Torget T’00
Director of Development, Annual Giving, Development and Alumni Services
Thomas J. Tremblay
Support Analyst, Information Technology
Erin R. Tunnicliffe T’97
Executive Director of Development


Marisue B. Valentine
Academic Coordinator
Sarah B. Van Orman
Recruiting Associate, Career Development
Joaquin Villarreal T’08
Research Associate; Manager, Entrepreneurship Initiative at Tuck
Diana Volk
Administrative Assistant, Executive Education


Gregory D. Wadlinger
Instructional Technology Support Consultant, Digital Education
Rebecca S. Waters
Web Producer, Communications
Christopher P. Watts T’11
Assistant Director of Development, Tuck Annual Giving
Todd A. Weightman
Systems and Applications Administrator, Office of Information Technology
Patrick S. Wheeler
Program Manager, Center for Digital Strategies
Valeria Wiens
Recruiting Coordinator, Career Development
Annette Williams
Senior Associate Director of Development, Annual Giving Operations, Development & Alumni Services
Christine J. Williamson
Academic Videographer/Editor, Office of Digital Education
Debbie J. Wilson
Assistant to the Dean, Dean’s Office
Rachel L. Wilson
Event Coordinator, Development & Alumni Services
Ed Winchester
Director of News and Publications, Communications
Elizabeth J. Winslow
Senior Associate Director, MBA Program
Shelley K. Wirasnik
Director, Events and Facilities