Class Profile

MBA candidates come to us with widely diverse experience.

In addition to consultants, financial analysts, and marketers, at Tuck you will find engineers, military officers, artists, program officers, community advisers, entrepreneurs, and teachers. But each of our students brings two qualities: exceptional accomplishment and the potential to be a great leader.

Class of 2016

Target Enrollment



Average age at matriculation 28
Age range 24-35
Students with partners 32%
Students with children 5%
Women 32%
U.S. minorities 14%
International students 35%
Nationalities represented 26

Undergraduate experience

Top undergraduate majors:
  Economics 25%
  Humanities 24%
  Business, finance 24%
  Engineering, computer science 18%
  Math, science 9%
Undergraduate institutions represented 186
Average GPA
(students from U.S. schools w/ 4.0-4.3 scale)
Students with advanced degrees 17%

Professional work experience

Average years of work experience 5
Full-time work experience 100%
  Other financial services or real estate 29%
  Consulting 23%
  Government, military, nonprofit, education 12%
  Marketing, retail, consumer goods, media 7%
  Technology 6%
  Investment banking or private equity 6%
  Health care, pharma, biotech 5%
  Manufacturing 4%
  Other 3%


U.S.A. and U.S. permanent residents 65%
Asia and Oceania 18%
Latin America 8%
Europe 5%
Canada 3%
Other 1%


Average score 717
Mid-80% enrolled-student range 680-760

*Results as of July 2014