Visit and Interview at Tuck

We invite all applicants to come to campus.

While in Hanover, you can interview, tour the campus, attend classes, have lunch with students, and talk to an admissions officer. Please click here to schedule an interview.

Even if you aren't sure about applying to Tuck, visit us anyway! In the spring, we invite you to come and get a feel for life at Tuck without participating in an evaluative interview. Please click here to schedule a visit.

At Tuck, we believe that strong interpersonal skills are essential for success as a leader and a team member. Accordingly, admissions interviews play a valuable role in the evaluation process and give us a more complete understanding of you as a candidate. Although visiting Tuck is not a required component of the application, it presents an opportunity for a guaranteed interview and allows you to get to know us a little better, too, so we invite all applicants (including reapplicants and international applicants) to schedule an interview on campus.

Applicant-Initiated Interviews

Interviews are scheduled online on a first-come, first-served basis, so please request an interview as soon as you decide to apply. On-campus interviews begin in September. Please schedule your interview online at least five days prior to the date you'd like to visit. Your interview must be completed by the published deadline for the round in which you are applying. Please note that all applicant-initiated interviews are conducted on campus only.

Admissions Committee-Initiated Interviews

If you have not been able to come to Hanover for an on-campus interview by the published deadline, the admissions committee may invite you to interview. Such invitations are made only after an initial review of a candidate's application. Unfortunately we cannot invite all applicants to interview; therefore, we underscore the benefit of taking advantage of applicant-initiated, on-campus interviews. Committee-initiated interviews will be conducted on campus, off campus, or by Skype.

On-campus interviews are conducted by admissions committee members and admissions associates (selected second-year students). Off-campus interviews are conducted by admissions committee members, admissions associates, or alumni interviewers. All interviews are evaluated equally, regardless of interviewer, location, or how initiated.