International Economics Faculty

The Economics Department and the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College contain one of the elite groups of faculty in international economics. The faculty publish in leading academic journals, participate in public policy debates, collaborate to host seminars and conferences, and offer a wide range of courses—from introductory surveys to advanced seminars—for undergraduates and MBAs. As sought-after experts, they also provide context and a research-based perspective to matters of international economics in the news. Opportunities for visiting scholars and an International Economics Fellowship further extend their reach, deepening connections to other leading scholars and institutions. Current faculty position openings can be found here. 


Treb Allen, Distinguished Associate Professor of Economics and Globalization, Department of Economics
Treb Allen studies how geography shapes the spatial distribution of economic activity, particularly in developing countries.


Andrew B. Bernard, Jack Byrne Professor of International Economics, Tuck School of Business
Andy Bernard is an expert in international trade and investment and specializes in firm responses to globalization.


Emily J. Blanchard, Associate Professor, Tuck School of Business
Emily Blanchard studies the effects of globalization on human capital acquisition and the policy implications of foreign investment and global supply chains.

Diego Comin, Professor of Economics, Department of Economics
Diego Comin works on macroeconomics broadly understood.


James Feyrer, Associate Professor of Economics, Department of Economics
Jim Feyrer's areas of expertise are economic growth, macroeconomics, and productivity.


Teresa C. Fort, Assistant Professor, Tuck School of Business
Teresa Fort studies the determinants and ramifications of firms’ decisions to break up production processes across distinct geographic locations that are both domestic and foreign.

Douglas A. Irwin, John Sloan Dickey Third Century Professor in the Social Sciences, Department of Economics
Douglas Irwin focuses primarily on U.S. trade policy, past and present, and the Great Depression.


Robert C. Johnson, Assistant Professor of Economics, Department of Economics
Robert Johnson studies international trade, international macroeconomics, and economic growth.


Nancy Peregrim Marion, George J. Records 1956 Professor of Economics, Department of Economics
Nancy Marion has written on financial crises in emerging markets, international reserve holdings in East Asia, international risk sharing, and policy volatility in developing countries.

Nina Pavcnik, Niehaus Family Professor in International Studies, Department of Economics
Nina Pavcnik's research examines how households, workers, and firms respond to globalization.


Matthew J. Slaughter, Paul Danos Dean and the Earl C. Daum 1924 Professor of International Business, Tuck School of Business
Matt Slaughter studies the economics and politics of globalization.

Robert W. Staiger, Roth Family Distinguished Professor in the Arts and Sciences, Department of Economics
Bob Staiger’s research focus is on international trade policy, rules and institutions, with a particular emphasis on the economics of the GATT/WTO.