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Juliet H. T'14, April 04, 2013 | 0 comments
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Life at Tuck is always busy. So much so that the word has lost all meaning. It has just become the new normal. If that is in fact the new normal than there was nothing out of the ordinary about my day on Monday and yet it somehow felt extreme. Perhaps I am just having a hard time readjusting from spring break.
In addition to our two morning core class - Management Communications and Operations Management - my day touched on a little bit of everything. First up was the Student Board meeting where the twenty elected students who serve on the board meet each week to discuss what's going on in their area - academic, career, quality of life, social, just to name a few - and to discuss the big topics effecting the school and our long term strategy. I gave a quick update on how spring formal planning is coming and we discussed a few things about the upcoming ASW for which we are all sooooooo excited!
Then it was off to a prep meeting with my First Year Project team. We would be meeting with our faculty advisor the following day as well as having our first meeting with our client so we needed to make a game plan. Thankfully I am working with a bunch of former and soon to be consultants and the structure they bring to everything amazes me.
After that I attended a fire side chat with an alum who now runs a major private equity company. There are so many opportunities here for interesting meetings and discussions that I often sign up and put a note on my calendar but don't specify what it is. In this case I actually forgot what this specific one was but knew at some point in the prior week I thought it sounded interesting. And it was - what a great discussion about markets (what it was like to be a real estate investor in the financial crisis), career planning (don't bother, it will change) and giving back to your community (you better, with all this opportunity comes major responsibility).
Next up was an optional tutorial for PowerPoint. Of course I know how to use PowerPoint, or so I thought. But after an hour I realized I didn't know how much I didn't know. T'13s ran through tons of functionalities I never knew existed and had so many short cuts to share - again those consultants!
The day was wrapped up with a spin class taught by one of my classmates. I had tried a spin class once and was not a fan. But this one was taught by an impressive tri athlete who has cycled across the US more than once so I figured she may be capable of changing my mind. The blasting pop music and getting to 'race' my classmates made it pretty fun. Looking forward to next week's class already.
A couple of hours of case reading then I was done for the day. You can choose to take on however much you'd like and you certainly can't be involved in everything here - I just have a hard time missing out on anything when there are so much on offer.

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