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Ankit Sood, T'15, couldn't wait to get on campus to write a second blog post.  If you haven't already, check out his first contribution here.  Then read on to see what he's been up to since!

A few days ago, I had written my first blog post for the official Tuck blog. In it I had asked prospective applicants to contact me for any help that they may need. It's been endearing to see many emails find their way into my inbox and I've really enjoyed speaking with so many folks, all of whom would be great fits as future Tuckies. What was even more endearing was to see so many re-applicants reach out to me. Having been one myself, I felt so nice seeing the unwavering commitment of these (I hope) future Tuckies. I wish everyone all the very best in applying to Tuck this year.

On the personal front, I will be leaving India in approximately 5 days. Although I have lived away from home for four years now, I was always within a 1-4 hour (flight or by road) radius. Hence, there is a somewhat weird feeling building inside me, especially as I don't think I'll be back home for the next 1.5 years. I am extremely close to my parents, so the thought of not seeing them for that long a period of time is one I'm trying to avoid – at least I as long as I can. Thankfully, a 18 day stopover in Europe en route to the US, will be helpful. I am looking forward to meeting my future classmates in Paris and Madrid, and based on our email exchanges thus far, I'm sure it’s going to be plain awesome.

As part of our MBAMath course, which we are required to complete before joining school, I chanced upon the concept of Net Present Value (NPV). Although this was not a mandatory chapter to complete, having heard the term ever so often, I felt compelled to learn more about it. In it, there was an exercise to compare the NPVs of continuing in your current job versus pursuing an MBA. The ten year horizon provided a clear view (mathematically) of why pursuing the MBA made sense, and once I substituted my actual salary converted from Indian Rupees to USD, the numbers were off the charts! Of course I overlooked the differential of cost of living, inflation etc., but we'll let it be for now

I probably won't blog now until I'm in the USA, so this is Ankit Sood signing off on his last post from India as a future Tuckie. You'll be hearing from an actual Tuckie from Hanover the next time round. Cheers!

Hi Ankit,

Congratulations for getting accepted at Tuck. From your post one can feel the high energy flow in you. Really a motivating blog.

Thanks and regards,
Aditya Sharma

By Aditya Sharma on 2013 09 04

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