Tuck GIVES Internships: Milking Goats and Analyzing Operations

Stephanie Butler, June 17, 2014 | 0 comments
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The Center for Business & Society works with students to develop an individualized program of academics, extra-curricular activities and work-experiences that fit their needs to enhance their perspective, deepen experiences, and create impact. Whether it's an interest in the ethical issues in business, environmental sustainability, or social change in the public sector, there are courses, student-led clubs, travel programs, consulting projects, conferences, and subsidized work experiences to prepare you for the impact they will create.

Working in close partnership with the Tuck Career Development Office, the Center for Business & Society supports students interested in careers with a social and environmental focus. Students can gain experience, whether they wish to secure a position in a socially responsible company, work for a foundation, or apply business knowledge to the public or nonprofit sectors. They are also provided funding through Tuck GIVES, a community wide fundraiser that has supported 135 interns to work in 74 different organizations around the world.  Check out recent internships in social impact, education, and environment as well as other Center initiatives on their blog

One such internship stemmed from a T'15's desire to transition from a career in pharmaceutical operations to one in agricultural operations.  Today, Divya is realizing that dream through her summer Ayers Brook Goat Dairy. The Dairy, a public-private partnership between the Vermont Creamery and the Castanea Foundation, aims to build an economically and environmentally sustainable operation that can eventually serve as a prototype and catalyst to develop a vibrant goat dairy industry in New England.  She found the internship through a meeting arranged by Tuck's Center for Business & Society with Jay Coen Gilbert, founder of B-Labs.

Read more about how Divya will help Ayers Brook Goat Dairy track and analyze their operating costs to build an understanding around the unit economics of raising a dairy goat over its lifetime.  

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