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Claire B. TP14, December 17, 2012 | 0 comments
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A new TP "club" (sounds more formal than really it is) this year is the Craft Club.  TPs are always welcome to start up a new group based on any affinity/area of interest, and this year there seemed to be significant interest in crafting... so that's how this all came about.  Anyway, another TP'14 heads it up, which means coming up with craft ideas, buying supplies from the Tuck-supplied budget, and organizing/communicating craft night logistics (location, time, etc.)

So far this year Craft Club has made coasters:

 (inspired by this TP'14s handsome bulldog)

string art:

(State of NH)
(Made from a cutout of her daughter's handprints)

yarn wreaths (this is a stock photo, don't know if we got pics of the final TP products)


and most recently, crayon art: 


Super cool, right?  I personally am a little craft-challenged, however I do really appreciate having access to a craft club as a creative outlet up here.  Non-crafters are also welcome to simply hang out and spectate at craft night, too   It's really incredible to see this different facet of my friends up here, and to see how everyone can take a single project and go in totally different directions with it. And--bonus--handmade crafts make great gifts this time of year.

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