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We're in the middle of Tuck's two-week spring break.  Many students are on international learning expeditions all over the world (faculty-led trips are currently ongoing in Japan, China, Israel, and South Africa).

Other students have left the Upper Valley on self-planned trips.  Some are kick-starting their First Year Projects (FYPs), which formally take place during spring term.  Others are traveling for reasons unrelated to school: simply to relax, explore, and/or visit family.  Some folks are "stay-cationing," hanging around the area but enjoying the break from classes all the same.

An additional Tuck-organized (and partner-friendly) spring break option was the student-run Sun Valley Ski Trip (#svsb2013).

Happy on the sunny slopes
Over 90 Tuckies, partners, and friends converged on Sun Valley, Idaho this past week.  In addition to skiing and snowboarding, activities included things like snowshoeing, fly fishing, yoga, spa treatments, visits to the hot springs, group dinners, TuckTails, and more. 

Flights, lift tickets, and equipment rentals were affordable due to numerous sponsorships, all of which resulted in great discounts and swag for ski trip attendees (sponsors included airlines United and Delta, Avis, Sun Valley, Omer and Bob's, Henderson’s ski shop, Golf & Ski Warehouse, Nordica, PK’s Ski Rental, MillerCoors, Rossignol, and the Tuck Alumni Office).

Favorite part of the trip was hanging out with so many students and partners in a setting totally removed from classes, homework, job interviews, and the many responsibilities of real life.  Students have another week off still before spring term starts.  Unfortunately for me it's back to work tomorrow!

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