Sep 12, 2017

Tuck’s Women in Business & Diversity Conferences

There’s still time to apply for Tuck’s Women in Business Conference, or Diversity Conference!

Why you should consider it:
First and foremost, it’s an excellent opportunity to get to know Tuck. You’ll learn about Tuck’s rigorous curriculum from faculty, listen to alumni talk about Tuck’s influence on life after graduation, and thoroughly immerse yourself in our distinctive culture. Because the conferences are multi-day, you have several chances to interact with current students over meals, during social events, and in the halls. We also encourage conference attendees who are applying to Tuck during this application cycle, to complete their official interview while on campus. Finally, it’s a wonderful opportunity to engage in a dialogue around gender and diversity in the workplace. Both conferences are led by a dedicated team of students, and are great examples of how Tuckies embrace the opportunity to get involved, take on leadership roles, stretch themselves, and give back.  

The details you need to know:

Tuck Women in Business Conference

Tuck Diversity Conference

*We believe that attendees will get the most out of these conferences when they're kept at a personal scale and therefore limit attendance. If you are not selected to attend the Women in Business Conference or Diversity Conference, please know that it is not an indicator of your admissibility at Tuck.

We hope to see you soon!