Visiting campus as a partner

Claire B. TP14, October 30, 2012 | 0 comments
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When Will was applying to schools, he of course registered to visit Tuck and participate in an interview while here.  Part of the registration process was identifying whether or not he had a partner, and if so, if his partner (yours truly) would be be coming to campus with him.  I did, and I really encourage you to come as well, if at all possible.  There's no substitute for experiencing this place or the community for yourself.

If you're like me, you might feel like you, too, are applying to business schools throughout this process (I could probably have recited Will's essays by heart I read them so much!).  So you might feel very engaged and are excited to actually to see the school for yourself.  But perhaps you're a little less assuming or more nervous to come in person.  

Here are some reasons you might talk yourself into not coming to visit campus, and my opinions on why these reasons are silly: 

Misconception #1:
Hanover seems off the beaten path and a difficult to get to

Misconception #2:
You've heard scary things about the weather in Hanover
Misconception #3:
You think it's weird (or you're afraid other people will think it's weird) if you come here when you're not actually the one applying to school
Misconception #4:
You have no idea what you'll do while your student is interviewing

**In conclusion: come visit us!!  We'd love to meet you.

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