Welcome Class of 2014!

Ken F. T'12, April 19, 2012 | 0 comments
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I have only 16 classes left at Tuck, and as though to remind me that my halcyon days of sunrise golf outings and sunset cycles along the Connecticut River are numbered, Admitted Students Weekend starts tomorrow!

Admitted students of the incoming Class of 2014 have a lot to look forward to over the coming days: a fun-filled weekend of parties and information overload. I'm pretty excited, too - I didn't make it to our ASW and missed last year's as I was between surgeries. This is my last chance to enjoy all the highlights, like the International Lunch and the double Tuck band party.

I saw this year's ASW video today and the team has done an incredible job. Links to the Class of 2012's ASW videos are below. (They're good, but they're not quite "Call Me Maybe"!)

2010 ASW - "I'm a Tuckie"
2010 ASW - "The Pattern of Trade"

Welcome, future Tuckies!!

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