Global Opportunities

Tuck’s approach to global business education rests on the belief that every student needs broad global knowledge and a global mindset, even if they plan to work in their home country after graduation.

There are many opportunities to globalize your MBA experience at Tuck—academically, professionally, and personally.  Beyond the established global programs and activities highlighted on the following pages, one of the benefits of Tuck is that our size allows you to develop individualized options that meet your specific goals. You can propose an independent study project, the topic for a conference, highlight week, case study project, structure a global internship, etc.

We encourage students to develop a plan early in their Tuck careers to take advantage of all of the global offerings. Staff at the Center for Global Business and Government has a navigation map that can help you develop your plan. In addition, there is a group of administrators who can provide advice and give you more details about the different programs and activities (application process, deadlines, etc.).

Benjamin Dower Benjamin Dower, a member of the Tuck School of Business Class of 2012, talks about the many ways he was able to globalize his MBA experience while at Tuck.