Required Curriculum

Business leaders need a general management foundation of functional knowledge, practical management skills, and the ability to identify and analyze problems from multiple perspectives by using a variety of approaches.

Tuck's integrated core curriculum provides rigorous coverage of key functional areas and disciplines: statistics and decision science, corporate finance and capital markets, managerial and global economics, marketing, organizational behavior and personal leadership, strategy, communications, and operations. The courses build on and complement each other and are carefully integrated. Students who have extensive previous background in a particular discipline may exempt out of a course and take an elective course in its place. 

A variety of teaching methodologies are used and practical management skills are developed through active learning, group projects, and simulations. The First-Year Project course challenges you to apply your classroom learning to a client's real-world business problem or develop a business plan for an entrepreneurial venture. 

A lot of your course work will be accomplished working in a team, a study group made up of five or six classmates selected for diversity of skills and experience.  You share your knowledge and perspective and work together to learn and complete assignments.  Your study group will help you understand your own strengths and limitations and how to work effectively in a team.

In addition to the core courses, students are required to satisfy an ethics and social responsibility course requirement at some point during their two years.