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When Public Opinion Shifts, How Should Your Company...

Pino Audia writes that deeply ingrained company values, norms, or beliefs can make an organization reluctant to acknowledge societal change.

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A Little Help in the Kitchen with Pantry...

Dennis Lasko T '08, started the new business Pantry that streamlines the process of home-cooked meals for the single cook, the dual income no-kids couple, or for the parent feeding a family.

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VW’s Costly Emissions Cheat

Paul Argenti offers his opinion about Volkswagen's efforts to skirt emissions rules for diesel vehicles and the $18 billion fine the company could be facing.

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Donald Trump Slams Surging Carly Fiorina as ‘Robotic,’...

Paul Argenti says, “I do not think she is the worst CEO of all time, and I don’t think that she completely destroyed the company. In fact, I think the company probably ended up in a better place as a result of the strategy she...

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This University has Produced the Most VC-Funded Female...

Tuck ranks 10th on a list of universities ranked by capital raised by companies founded by female MBA alumni.

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Marketplace Morning Report

Paul Argenti comments on the impact of the Volkswagen scandal on the company’s brand. “The communications people are exceptionally good at this company and did a good job.”

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Volkswagen Scandal: The US Is a Stickler for...

Emily Blanchard comments on the $18 billion fine VW may be facing. “The GM fine was the result of a criminal investigation by the Department of Justice. VW faces sanction by a different part of government—the Environmental...

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Why We Trust Made-Up Facts

Sydney Finkelstein discusses why seemingly smart and capable people act as if make-believe facts were actually true.

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New Employees Have Less Than 90 Days to Prove...

Mentions the Tuck Business Bridge Program in an article focused around the short window of time new hires have to prove themselves in the workplace. Bridge is filling a gap left by corporations investing less in the training of...

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A New Strategy for Small Stocks

Highlights the three-factor model of Kenneth French and Eugene Fama. According to Dimensional Fund Advisors, of which French and Fama are board members, “No other major stock investment style has come close to small value's...

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Sporting Fixtures Influence the MBA Classroom

Recaps last year’s 32nd MBA Soccer World Cup hosted by Tuck.

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Understanding the Rise of Manufacturing in India

Vijay Govindarajan writes about the rise of manufacturing in India. The article concludes, “While there is no single formulaic answer to manufacturing success in India, patience and a trusted local partner or advisor to guide...

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