When and where is the Tuck Diversity Conference held?

This year the conference begins Friday evening, September 22 and continues through Sunday, September 24. We are excited that this event is in-person and on our campus. 

I am a prospective student. Why should I apply to attend this conference?

Because you realize that the best way to get a feel for a business school is to, well, actually get a feel for it! Walking down the halls; taking a class. Walking down the streets; taking in the smell of pine. Having unscheduled conversations addressing your biggest questions face-to-face with current students, alumni, and your potential classmates; having unserious conversations and an all-around good time with current students, alumni, and your potential classmates. These aspects are best experienced in person. 


In addition, you can also knock out a second goal during DivCo weekend by getting a head start on your MBA career networking. Our conference highlights some of Tuck’s great recruiting partners who will be sending representatives to discuss future opportunities in their firm and industry. They know you are at least a year away from applying for an MBA summer internship, so this is an informal venue for you to learn more about these companies and introduce yourself! 

Will attending the Diversity Conference help my chances of getting into Tuck?

The Tuck admissions process is holistic, so there is no “one thing” that you can do to ensure that Tuck grants you admission. Additionally, acceptance to the conference is not a reflection of your candidacy for Tuck. However, attending the conference may be helpful to you in learning more about the school as you prepare to write your essays and for an admissions interview. 

What is the deadline to apply to the conference?

The application deadline is Sunday, September 10. Review of applications will begin in August.

When will I hear if I am accepted?

We will begin making decisions in August and will notify applicants of our decisions on a rolling basis. Please note that due to space limitations, we are not able to accommodate everyone who would like to attend. Acceptance to the conference is not a reflection of your candidacy for Tuck.  

Our admissions directors are committed to ensuring every application is reviewed thoroughly, so please be patient with us as we try to accommodate all applicants. If you have a special circumstance, or if you are curious about the status of your application, please feel free to contact us

How much does it cost to attend?

There is no fee to participate in the conference. Meals and accommodations (in shared rooms) will be provided by Tuck during the conference. 

How do I get to Hanover?

Tuck will charter, covering the cost of, a roundtrip bus from Boston, MA < > Hanover, NH. You will be responsible for arranging and paying for any travel outside of the Tuck-sponsored charter bus. Please note there will be a registration process for the charter bus, space on the charter bus will be allocated on a first come, first served basis, and additional details are forthcoming.     

If you wish to arrange/pay for your own travel, we highly encourage attendees to arrive via Dartmouth Coach or personal vehicle. While other options exist in the Upper Valley, rideshare services are extremely limited (and often unavailable), so these are your two most reliable options. Please see the details that follow to learn more. 

Dartmouth Coach: Boston is Hanover’s most versatile access point. The Dartmouth Coach bus service connects both Boston Logan Airport and Boston South Station (interstate buses, Amtrak, and MBTA) with 10 daily routes. The Dartmouth Coach drops you off in downtown Hanover, along the Dartmouth College Green, and is just a short walk to Tuck. Dartmouth Coach also offers service between Hanover and New York City. 

Personal Vehicle: Hanover is a short two-hour drive from Boston or five-hour drive from New York City. We will have parking available for those who drive to Hanover. 

Local Airport or Train (less preferred): There is also the Lebanon, New Hampshire airport (immediately south of Hanover) which flies a few flights per day to White Plains, New York and Boston. Please note that these are very small aircraft with perhaps a dozen seats. In addition, Amtrak serves White River Junction, Vermont (across the Connecticut River from Hanover). If choosing these options, you may encounter significant wait times for car services/rideshare to get to/from Tuck as these services are extremely limited in our area. Consider reaching out to local car services ahead of time to arrange transportation in advance. 

There are a few other airports (Burlington, Vermont; Manchester, New Hampshire; Hartford, Connecticut) that will bring you closer to Hanover, in case you are trying to compare flight costs, but you would need to rent a car. 

Our directions page will provide information on travelling by car, plane, bus, or train. 

Where do I stay?

All attendees selected to join us will be offered complimentary hotel accommodations. The rooms have two beds and will house two DivCo attendees. The hotels in White River Junction, Vermont will house those who are not driving to DivCo; these will be connected to Tuck via shuttle bus service. We additionally have some rooms in Lebanon, New Hampshire for those who are driving to DivCo. Conference attendees staying in these hotels will receive a temporary parking pass for Tuck. 

We have single bedrooms reserved for those who require special accommodations. Please contact Tuck.Admissions@tuck.dartmouth.edu to inquire.  

Please note that partners may not stay in the complimentary accommodations. If you would like to stay with your partner, or if you do not wish to share a hotel room with another attendee, you may arrange and cover your own lodging and ensure you have transportation to/from Tuck. Please also note that availability of car services/rideshare is very limited. 

Our area lodging page will provide a list of inns and hotels in Hanover and in the surrounding towns in both Vermont and New Hampshire. 

What should I pack?

The attire for Friday and Saturday programming is business casual, but feel free to dress up to business formal on either day if you prefer. Please note that part of the agenda involves meeting with DivCo’s sponsoring companies (not to mention the Tuck admissions officers!), so this is not a great opportunity for dressing down. We will have some time outdoors, so please also check the weather forecast and pack whatever layers/gear will make you most comfortable. 

That said, you don’t need to dress up for Friday check-in/registration. Please dress comfortably for travel, as long as you are giving yourself enough time to change in your hotel before we get started. 

On Saturday night, for the Blacklight Party, we hope you will wear your DivCo shirt (and tag it with some UV ink). You may want to pack some smart/dressy casual bottoms and shoes for this event. 

For Sunday, please dress comfortably for travel/appropriately for the hike if you choose to join that adventure. 

Also, given that most of you will be sharing hotel rooms–please, please, please pack pajamas. 

How will we get around during the conference?

Tuck's Raether Hall will be home to the weekend's events. This is where we'll hold our check-in, and it will serve as a meeting point for all subsequent events. While some walking between event rooms will be required, this will just give a glimpse into life as a future Tuckie!


Transportation between Tuck and select Tuck-sponsored hotels will be provided throughout the weekend.

What are the protocols regarding COVID-19 and the Tuck Diversity Conference?

For the latest information on Dartmouth visitor policies and COVID-19 recommendations, please visit this page. Visitors must not access a Dartmouth location or Dartmouth-sponsored in-person events if they are in isolation or quarantine or they are experiencing symptoms consistent with COVID-19.    

Masks are welcome at Dartmouth. For more information on Dartmouth's Face-Mask Policy, please visit this page. There may be times when you or others around you choose to wear a mask even if it is not required. If you feel more comfortable wearing a mask around others, you are encouraged to do so.    

What makes Tuck distinct from other schools?

What really differentiates Tuck is its vibrant, supportive, and close-knit community and the life-long relationships you build with your peers—it’s one of the reasons we have one of the strongest alumni networks in the world. This isn’t just a two-year program. We could write about what makes Tuck distinct until our wrists fall off, but you should find out for yourself by joining us in September. You can also check out our Why Tuck page, read stories from our alumni, and see the pathways other students have taken at Tuck

I'm not done yet! I have a whole bunch of questions about Tuck.

Perfect! DivCo exists to help you answer your questions. As excited as we are to have some casual conversation and get to know each other as people, it would be weird if you had zero remaining curiosities about Tuck. 

Great resources for any questions you have between now and the conference are the Tuck website and the Tuck360 blog. Additionally, always feel free to contact the DivCo Co-Chairs, the Tuck Ambassadors, and the Tuck admissions team