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Class Profile

Leaders from all walks of life and experiences.

Bringing together a talented and dynamic student body is critical to our mission of educating tomorrow’s wise leaders. Tuck is enriched by the diverse backgrounds, experiences, and dreams of our students and strengthened by what they share: an exceptional record of accomplishment and a desire to use their talents to better the world of business.

Class of 2021 Enrollment



Students with partners 29%
Students with children 3%
Women 42%
U.S. minorities
(includes American Indian, African American, Asian American, Hispanic/Latino)
International (including dual citizens, permanent residents) 38%
Countries represented  
  By citizenship 45
  By birth 37
  By professional experience 43
(counts dual citizens in both countries)
  U.S.A. and Canada 73%
  Asia 20%
  Europe 6%
  Latin America 6%
  Middle East and Africa 4%
  Oceania 1%


(based on institution awarding degree)

Unique undergraduate majors 71
  Arts, humanities, social sciences 43%
  Science, technology, engineering, math 30%
  Business 27%
Unique Undergraduate institutions  
  Domestic 113
  International 55
Previous advanced degrees 15%
  Average 723
  Verbal Average 42
  Quant Average 48
  IR Average 6.9
  Range 620-780
  Verbal Range 32-51
  Quant Range 40-51
  Verbal Average 163
  Quant Average 161
  Verbal Range 150-170
  Quant Range 154-170
  % Submitting GRE Scores 21%
(students from U.S. schools w/ 4.0 scale)
  Average 3.52
  Range 2.35-4.00


(based on most recent employer)

Unique Employers 228
Industry Experience  
  Financial Services 25%
  Consulting 20%
  Nonprofit, Government 13%
  Technology 13%
  Consumer Goods, Retail 7%
  Energy 6%
  Health Care, Pharma, Biotech 7%
  Media, Entertainment 2%
  Manufacturing 4%
  Other 1%
Average months worked 64

Results as of August 2019