Leadership Development at Tuck


Tuck’s goals for leadership development are threefold:

  • Students: To design and offer leadership development activities that accelerate the pace at which Tuck students develop as leaders
  • Faculty: To support and advance cutting-edge research on topics that deepen current understanding of leadership as a discipline and in practice
  • Corporate: To facilitate the exchange of best practices and research findings in order to help create innovative approaches to leadership development



The Paganucci Fellows Program is a unique opportunity for Dartmouth undergraduates to take part in a global experiential learning program offered at Tuck. The program supports Tuck’s efforts to study complex social issues and the ways businesses can create positive social and financial value: in effect, the “double bottom line."



2022-23 Academic Year

Leadership Fellows are second-year Tuck students who facilitate Leadership Development assessment programs. Fellows have a unique opportunity to learn how to develop others through coaching and mentoring. They work closely with first-year students in small team settings and one-on-one situations. Fellows can also further develop their own skills and competencies through Leadership Labs that they help design and implement. This year’s fellows are:

Katie Aldrich
Hanah Bae
Liz Barry
Kate Bayeux
Andres Borja
Murilo Bortoluzzi Souza Rocha
Penny Chen
Elyse Curtis
Jason Dai
Robert Eckstein

Wyatt French
Greg Germann
Lauren Hallenbeck
Emily Hedison
Salil Kelkar
Chloe Kempf
Lynsey Kirby
Amit Lakamasani
Minjae Lee
Elizabeth May

Emily Morrissey
Margaux Richman
Nicolas Rizo Patron Ostoja
Abby Rohman
Michael Sanducki
Steve Warner
Joanna Weng
Yuehan Xiao
Sherry Yang