First-Year Project

The First-Year Project course (FYP) offers all Tuck students the opportunity to apply classroom learning to complex business challenges for real clients.

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Under the guidance of a faculty advisor, students develop practical business skills, and our clients—which range from early-stage startups to nonprofits to global industry leaders—gain insights from students who are studying at one of the world’s leading business schools.

Project Management: FYP faculty advisors ensure that each student team works on key project management skills, such as defining the key question, developing an issue tree, and story boarding. The projects are completed over the course of 10 weeks, and time management is one important component to client satisfaction.

Real-World Experience: FYPs draw upon all of the general business knowledge that first-year students learned during their fall and winter terms at Tuck. Among the core courses that are most heavily used are Marketing, Managerial Communications, Strategy, and Micro Economics.

Individual Interests: The FYP can also provide many students with an opportunity to tailor the curriculum to their own interests and career goals. For example, a team could develop a business plan for an entrepreneurial venture they want to pursue after graduation. Or a team might pursue interests in real estate, sustainable business, healthcare, or other fields by creating a project in that area. Some projects lead directly to summer internships or permanent jobs.

TuckGO: Starting with the Tuck Class of 2017, some FYPs may serve to satisfy the TuckGO global immersion requirement. To satisfy the requirement, significant travel must occur outside the U.S. for students of U.S. origin. For international students, a U.S.-based project that broadens their knowledge of business in the U.S. could also qualify.