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Celebrating Tuck Investiture 2021

Tuck Investiture was held at Memorial Field at 11 a.m., Friday, June 11, 2021.

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Meet Emma Sapat T'21

In Tuck’s core value of confident humility, Emma Sapat T’21 discovered how to be a bolder, more confident, and decisive leader—one unafraid to ask questions.

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Meet Ed Beshers T’21

Headed for a career in natural capital, Ed Beshers T’21 says Tuck challenged him to be more intentional about the impact he wants to have in the world.

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Meet Arleen Chien T'21

With the support of the Tuck community, Arleen Chien T’21 felt empowered to take risks, be fully present, and explore different career paths.

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Meet Franco Coria T'21

Attending Tuck during a challenging time helped Franco Coria T’21 renew his sense of purpose: to better people’s lives through business and leadership.

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Meet Kristen Hughes T’21

Kristen Hughes T'21, who is headed to Microsoft, came to Tuck to career pivot from the non-profit sector.

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Meet Mark Noble T'21

Tuck’s small scale and supportive community helped empower Mark Noble T’21 to chart his own entrepreneurial path.

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Meet Saachi Shah T’21

Co-chair of the Tech Club, Saachi Shah T’21 is pursuing a career in design and innovation after Tuck when she will join Bain’s ADAPT team.

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