Faculty Directory

Davin Chor

Associate Professor and Globalization Chair






PhD, Harvard University, 2007; AM, Harvard University, 2000; AB, Harvard University, 2000

Areas of Expertise

Economics, statistics


Global Economics for Managers


Davin Chor is an associate professor in Tuck’s Economics group and the chair of Dartmouth’s academic cluster on globalization, which studies the far-reaching repercussions of globalization on world markets, governments, trade, and society. Professor Chor’s current research focuses on international trade and political economy.

Current Research Topics

  • International trade
  • Political economy
  • Growth and development
  • Economic history

Professional Activities

Academic positions

  • Associate Professor of Business Administration, Tuck School of Business, 2018–present
  • Associate Professor, National University of Singapore, 2013–18 (on leave 2018–20)
  • Associate Professor of Economics, Singapore Management University, 2013
  • Visiting Assistant Professor, Princeton University, 2012–13
  • Assistant Professor of Economics, Singapore Management University, 2007–12

Nonacademic positions

  • Consultant, International Enterprise Singapore, 2012–14
  • Consultant, Monetary Authority of Singapore, 2010, 2016

Editorial positions

  • Associate Editor, Journal of International Economics, 2011–present
  • Associate Editor, Review of International Economics, 2013–present
  • Excellence in Refereeing Award, American Economic Review, 2012; Review of Economic Studies, 2016


  • Award for Excellent Researcher, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, National University of Singapore, 2014
  • Peter B. Kenen Fellow, Princeton University, 2012–13
  • School of Economics Research Excellence Award, Singapore Management University, 2011
  • Sing Lun Fellowship, Singapore Management University, 2010–12
  • Harvard University Graduate Society Dissertation Completion fellowship, 2006–07
  • Institute for Humane Studies fellowship, 2005–07, (Marcia Whitney Scholar, 2006–07)
  • Harvard University Graduate School of Arts and Sciences fellowship, 2002–04
  • Thomas T. Hoopes Prize and Allyn A. Young Prize, Harvard University, 2000
  • Junior Phi Beta Kappa, 1999

Working Papers

  • With P. Antràs, “On the Measurement of Upstreamness and Downstreamness in Global Value Chains”
  • With L.K. Bilir and K. Manova, “Host-Country Financial Development and Multinational Activity”
  • With F.R. Campante, “Just Do Your Job”: Obedience, Routine Tasks, and the Pattern of Specialization”
  • With E. L.-C. Lai, “Cumulative Innovation, Growth, and the Protection of Ideas”

Selected Publications

  • With L. Alfaro, P. Antràs, and P. Conconi, “Internalizing Global Value Chains: A Firm-Level Analysis,” Journal of Political Economy, forthcoming
  • With F.R. Campante, “The People Want the Fall of the Regime: Schooling, Political Protest, and the Economy,” Journal of Comparative Economics, 42(3), 2014
  • With P. Antràs, “Organizing the Global Value Chain,” Econometrica, 81(6), 2013
  • With F.R. Campante, “Schooling, Political Participation, and the Economy,” Review of Economics and Statistics, 94(4), 2012
  • With P. Antràs, T. Fally, and R. Hillberry, “Measuring the Upstreamness of Production and Trade Flows,” American Economic Review Papers & Proceedings, 102(3), 2012
  • With F.R. Campante, “Why was the Arab World Poised for Revolution? Schooling, Economic Opportunities, and the Arab Spring,” Journal of Economic Perspectives, 26(2), 2012
  • With K. Manova, “Off the Cliff and Back? Credit Conditions and International Trade during the Global Financial Crisis,” Journal of International Economics, 87(1), 2012
  • “Unpacking Sources of Comparative Advantage: A Quantitative Approach,” Journal of International Economics, 82(2), 2010
  • “Subsidies for FDI: Implications from a Model with Heterogeneous Firms,” Journal of International Economics, 78(1), 2009