OnSite Global Consulting Clients

What is OnSite Global Consulting?

OnSite Global Consulting (OnSite) offers professional quality consulting services to a host of worldwide clients. Accelerate your organization’s strategic initiatives with a team of professionals focused on your global challenge or opportunity.

We provide a team of experienced professionals and carefully selected participants to ensure the requisite skills and background to address client needs. Tuck teams draw on the latest management techniques and knowledge to offer an objective perspective. They provide clients with in-depth, data-driven analysis and actionable recommendations, at a fraction of what it costs to engage a commercial consulting firm. Average teams spend about 1000 person-hours on an engagement, including three weeks of full-time primary research in the target location, outside the U.S.

More than 226 projects for 159 clients in 58 countries have put Tuck students' management skills and business expertise to the test in a global context, with remarkable outcomes for students and clients alike.




What Our Clients are Saying


Clients value the results our teams deliver—their feedback demonstrates the ways we help clients save time and money, while advancing strategic initiatives.

“The team’s final recommendations went beyond our expectations. Senior management was pleased.”

“If I hired a commercial consulting firm for this it would have cost me a lot more, and I don’t think the quality would have been better.”

“They did the work in a fraction of the time it would have taken us to do it ourselves.”



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