Dec 01, 2016

A Tuck Partner Case Workshop with Governor John Lynch

By Sneha Pandey TP'18

Sneha is a Tuck Partner from India who lives with her husband, Ankit T'18 in Sachem. She is a software engineer who gave up her profession in I.T. to pursue her passion for writing. She is a poet and loves to philosophise concepts related to life and emotions. She also worked as an image consultant before moving to the U.S.

The feeling in your gut when you’re about to experience something big washed over me. I knew it was going to be an amazing experience from my conversations with people who had already participated. My feelings of nervousness came from the accomplished name associated with the event: The Tuck Partner Case Workshop with former New Hampshire Governor John Lynch.

It became more than just a case study. It became more than just understanding what my husband went through every day! I made the effort, read the case, and even took notes. I thought, “I’m ready enough for this.”

As I entered the classroom half an hour early, I saw the humble John Lynch standing with a smile greeting the students for the day—the venerable man evincing affability.

The discussions started with ice hockey and then moved into the case with ease. The class was comprised of Tuck partners with varied backgrounds and therefore, many different perspectives. I was in awe at the many solutions and possibilities discussed. Governor Lynch made us think, question, and doubt our own reflections. Several times I found myself wavering on my original opinion. He skilfully navigated us through the intricate case and helped us comprehend through our own reasoning. There were moments of silence after intriguing questions were posed—everyone sat quietly, brainstorming. And then there were moments of engagement when everybody participated in the discussion. There were moments of learning with fun, when my friends were chosen to demonstrate the efficacy of the products in question. The session was engaging, thought provoking and Governor Lynch, stirred the wheel of thought in action.

We learned how customers play the most important role in deciding every intricate detail of business. We learned about the forces that drive decision making in a manufacturing setup. Most of all, we were inspired by and in awe of the man who made the engaging and exciting session as it was. It was a nonpareil experience. I learned some business acumen and took away so much inspiration!

(Main photo above: Governor John Lynch in the classroom. Photo at right: Moments before the Tuck Partner Case Workshop began.)