Mar 22, 2016

Is getting an MBA right for you?

Is getting an MBA right for you? This USA Today article was published in November, but it’s just as relevant today. If you’re starting to gear up in order to submit MBA applications this fall, you’re off to a good start. The strongest applications come from candidates who have taken the time to figure out what they really want from a program and have done a significant amount of research to help inform their goals and school choices. In fact, a lot of the feedback we’ve been providing to those currently on the waitlist asks them to clarify their goals, and strengthen them with details.

We have many more qualified applicants than we do seats in the class. It would be unwise for an admissions committee to fill those seats with people who don’t understand what an MBA is, why they need one, and why now is the right time for them to pursue it. Once you’ve determined this, make sure you’re able to articulate it with clarity and detail, both on paper and verbally. One of the biggest application mistakes we see is not addressing the “why” or the “how” of a given question.

By understanding why you need an MBA, you’ll not only be a stronger applicant, but you’ll also be better prepared to take advantage of the MBA program itself. This article is a good place to start framing your introspection.