Nov 22, 2016

Q&A with Tuck Student Ambassador: Chun-Yi (Jonathan) Wang

Tuck's Student Ambassador Team collaborates with the Admissions Office to share their Tuck experience with prospective students. The Team is structured by geographical region, with an SAT Captain leading each. In the following months, we'll introduce you to them. Today, meet Chun-Yi (Jonathan) Wang, T'18 and Asia Captain. Please reach out to Jonathan or any other Student Ambassador using this website. They love to connect with future Tuckies, especially when they're from "home"!

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I’m from Taipei, Taiwan, and I studied Risk Management at National Cheng-chi University for my undergrad. I worked in marketing research and marketing in the CPG industry for 2 years out of college, then made a career switch into executive search (headhunting), working with multinational CPG and pharma clients in Taiwan. I did that for over 3 years before deciding to apply to business school. After Tuck, I want to go into management consulting.

Why Tuck?

I really liked the Tuck community vibe when I came for my campus visit. Just walking through the Stell Hall with our tour guide, it was so apparent from his interactions with everyone he ran into along the tour that the community is very tight-knit. This was important for me because I wanted to build strong connections with people from all over the world that would last a lifetime. The environment at Tuck fosters that bond-building with classmates and faculty.

Everyone at Tuck chooses a different path. What’s your life at Tuck like?

Busy! I'm on the Hockey B Team, involved in Consulting Club, Tuck Student Consulting Services, and Amos Trout (fishing!). I live off-campus in Sachem Village with my partner.

Transformational Moment

After I finished my first call with a Tuckie to learn more about his experiences working in consulting post-Tuck. I truly felt that I was now part of this incredibly supportive network for life!

Why did you join the Student Ambassador Team?

Tuck is a bit mysterious in my home country, compared to other top-MBA programs. I want to change that.

What surprised you most about Tuck?

How strong the partners community is at Tuck. From day 1 of being admitted to Tuck, Tuck has done a great job of integrating my partner into the community. Partners of international students are not eligible to work, but they can audit classes (at Tuck and at Dartmouth), join clubs, go on day trips, do volunteer work at Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center, and are involved in all major social events.

Any advice for prospective students?

Reach out to Tuckies to learn more about our Tuck experience. If you can, come to campus to see for yourself. Do the tour, but also reach out to clubs and centers that you’re interested in—Tuckies will be happy to chat over coffee. Find out if the Tuck community is a community you want to be part of for the rest of your life, because that’s how strong the bonds built here at Tuck are!