Nov 16, 2015

Running and Walking Trails in Hanover

By Megan Kelso, Tuck Partner

Megan is a freelance graphic designer and illustrator for stationery products. You can see her work at www.meganlkelso.com. Megan grew up in Ithaca, New York, studied art at Colgate University, and then lived and worked in Washington, DC for several years. She now lives in Sachem with her husband, Mark, a T’17.


We’ve been so lucky this fall with beautiful, sunny weather in the Upper Valley. One of my favorite ways to take advantage of this season is by running outside—it’s great to take in some fresh air, sunshine, and nature along with your workout.

There is an abundance of trails around Hanover, but the following seven are the ones I return to most often. My criteria for a good place to run are: 1) a wide path that’s not overgrown and has good footing, 2) not too many hills, 3) two or three miles long, 4) preferably a loop, and 5) nice scenery. If you are looking for something similar, all of the following are great options. If you have any other suggestions, I would love to hear them!

1. River Trail (Mink Brook to Maple Street)

This 2-mile trail starts at a small parking area off of Main Street. It winds along Mink Brook and the Connecticut River, and then connects to Maple Street in Hanover. Once you’re on the road, you can continue to run on the streets around town and campus to make your run as long or short as you’d like. There’s just one steep hill, with steps, just before the trail connects to Maple Street but otherwise the trail is flat and enjoyable with great views across the river. 









2. Wheelock Trail

This trail also runs along Mink Brook, but starts on the opposite side of Main Street as the River Trail. It starts in a cleared lot and winds through pine forests and along a picturesque brook with moss-covered logs and rocks. It does get a little rocky in some spots, but it’s worth it for the scenery. Follow the blue trail markers all the way to the end of the trail, then turn around and go back the way you came, crossing over the bridge on the right to make a loop at the end. 









3. Storrs Pond

Storrs Pond is a recreational area a short drive from campus with a beach, swimming area, and campground for the summer months. As you can see in the pictures, there are endless trail routes around Storrs Pond. If you stick to the 2-mile trail directly next to the pond, you’ll have great views of the water. 









4. Norwich Nature Center

The nature center in Norwich has a loop that is just under a mile long. It’s perfect for a nice short walk to break up the day. 









5. Rip Road

Although not technically a trail, these wooded roads on the outskirts of Hanover are still a great place to run outside. It starts at the edge of campus and connects back via Lyme Road along the golf course. You can also turn onto any of the trails around the golf course to make your trip longer.









6. Sachem Village Loop

Running around Sachem, across Main Street, and around one of the loops at the end of Oak Ridge Road ends up being about a 2.5 mile easy run mostly on sidewalks.









7. Pine Park and Occom Pond

This is my favorite place to run in Hanover. You can park at the fence at the northern end of Occom Pond. Take the trails through the pine forests around the golf course, along the Connecticut River and then along Girl Brook. On any warm afternoon, you’ll pass dozens of people walking the scenic loop around Occom Pond.