Oct 18, 2016

Straight Outta Q&A: What’s New, On-Campus Housing

Greetings! Today we’re excited to resurrect a blog series from last spring, “Straight Outta Q&A.” While the questions we hear in our on-campus Q&A session (part of every prospective student visit) can run the gamut, some stick out as being really insightful and others we hear over and over again. Wouldn’t it be great if we could share those answers with all prospective students? We think so!

Q: What’s changing at Tuck? What has changed since Dean Slaughter started?

A: Part of what makes Tuck so special is its focus on the full-time two-year MBA. All of our resources are dedicated to this purpose, undiluted by PhD students, undergraduates, or even other forms of the MBA, like online or part-time programs. Having been on Tuck’s faculty since 2002, Dean Slaughter understands the importance of this. So we don’t see anything drastic happening any time soon!

That said, under Dean Slaughter, the Tuck MBA program is being made stronger than ever, and innovation and experimentation are paramount. Recent large initiatives include TuckGO and the Dean’s Fellows Program. This new program gives second-year students the unique opportunity to contribute toward the advancement of Tuck’s strategy. The Fellows teams work with school leadership on projects central to the current and future success of the MBA program. It allows students to bring their perspective much more concretely to leaders, giving the administration a better understanding of student needs and allowing them to put recommendations into practice as fast as possible.

Other recent changes have included the addition of an associate dean for innovation and growth, currently filled by marketing professor Punam Anand Keller, and the merger of two of our research centers into the Center for Business, Society, & Government.

Q: How many students get on-campus housing?

A: There are about 140 on-campus dorm rooms for first-year Tuckies who are coming without partners (all second-years live off campus). Because there’s always more demand than supply, the MBA Program Office conducts a lottery to determine who will fill the rooms. While dorm life can be great—the commute to that 8am class is hard to beat—there are many options for off-campus living too. Students coming to Tuck with a partner or family often live in nearby Sachem Village, but other housing options are available as well, including houses that are passed down from one class of Tuckies to another. Once you’re admitted, you’ll have resources to help you navigate all of this.

Tuck’s residential campus is welcoming to all members of the community, whether you live in a dorm or not. The location encourages immersion and helps build the close-knit community that Tuck is so well-known for.


Tuck 360 is awesome, but make sure you join us live too. You can register for a self-initiated visit/interview here (just make sure you’re coming within the deadline that corresponds to your particular application round).