Oct 31, 2017

TuckCast: Inside the Tuck Application Process

Applicants seem to be increasingly concerned with submitting a perfect application. Rest assured—there’s no such thing! Authenticity is so much more compelling than “perfection.”

As you work through your Tuck application, we encourage you to practice using good judgement. As long as you’re following directions to the best of your ability, it’s fine. Try not to get too bogged down in pleasing your audience, because there is no magic formula. We mean it when we say that our evaluation process is holistic. There isn’t one singular aspect of your application that will make or break your chances of admission to Tuck.

We’re also pretty transparent about the characteristics we’re looking for and offer a lot of advice through the Tuck360 blog, virtual events, and in person. Use that as a guide, but feel confident in your ability to make decisions with imperfect information.

Ultimately, you need to trust your judgement, trust that the admissions committee is made up of fair and reasonable people, and then let it go. Put your best-self forward—whatever that might look like—and then let go of those things that aren’t in your control.