Jul 18, 2017

Which round should I apply in?

Does it matter which round I apply in? Do I need to apply in Early Action? What is Early Action?

When charting your course through the MBA application process, keep the following things in mind:

  • We admit strong applicants in every single round; Early Action, November, January, and yes, April, as well as both Consortium Rounds.
  • You should apply when you feel like your application is at its strongest, whether that’s October 4 or January 3. Make sure you’re submitting something that’s thoughtful and well-prepared.
  • With that in mind, it is to your advantage to apply as early as you’re ready to do so. We can’t predict the quality of the applicant pool in future rounds, so are inclined admit more applicants in earlier rounds. Naturally, the process also becomes more competitive as the season goes on because we have fewer “seats” left in the class.
  • Unless you have a solid reason for doing so, we suggest applying prior to the April Round. It becomes incredibly competitive to vie for one of the few remaining spots.
  • Early Action is a great option for prospective students who have completed their business school research and know that Tuck is their first choice. It’s also a great option for reapplicants (in fact, we’ll wonder why you didn’t apply EA).
  • Early Action applicants will receive their admissions decision in December and therefore have (peace of mind and) ample time before the program begins.
  • Early Action is nonbinding—if admitted, you are not required to attend Tuck. However, admits who chose to enroll will need to pay a nonrefundable enrollment deposit by mid-January. Knowing this in advance, you should have a plan—your plan should not be to ask for a two month extension.
  • Similar to the dwindling number of “seats” as the season goes on, our scholarship budget also shrinks.

Remember, these comments are specific to Tuck and while some of them might apply across the board, each school is likely to be a little different. Stay organized by noting these important dates right now, including applicant-initiated interview deadlines and notification dates: