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Difu Li T'14

“Tuck has extended my reach to every part of the globe.”

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Why Tuck?

I chose Tuck because Hanover is the complete opposite of Hong Kong, and I think part of the MBA experience is to get out of your comfort zone and experience something you wouldn’t otherwise. I am so glad I chose to live and learn here. Tuck turned out to be the best two years of my life.

Singular Experiences

My favorite experience at Tuck was serving as a delegate for the 2013 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP19) in Warsaw, Poland. Tuck is the only business school that sends delegates to this conference and I am proud to have been one. Making connections with people who are as passionate as I am about solving the problem of climate change was a dream come true.

After Tuck

My time at Tuck helped me develop a deeper understanding of business and of myself. I’m excited to start at McKinsey in Hong Kong and work on projects in areas I’m so passionate about, like climate change and the public sector. I’m very excited to return to Hong Kong. China is undergoing an epic change, and as a consultant I can contribute to this reform by applying what I learned at Tuck.

International Advantage

Tuck is a great place for international students. Whenever I had a question, whether it had to do with an assignment or getting my driver’s license, people were happy to help me. But it’s not just about learning from people from the United States; at Tuck, you learn from people from all over the world. Coming here has extended my reach to every part of the globe.

A Global Perspective

Business school graduates today need a global mindset to succeed, and Tuck offered me countless opportunities to learn on that scale. To paraphrase an old Chinese saying, to be fully educated, you should read thousands of books and travel thousands of miles. Both in and out of the classroom, I learned more about the world being at Tuck than I ever knew before.

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