Mission, Vision,
& Strategy


Tuck educates wise leaders to better the world of business.

Wisdom encompasses the essential aptitudes of confident humility, about what one does and does not know; empathy, towards the diverse ideas and experiences of others; and judgment, about when and how to take risks for the better. Through the application of such wisdom, enlightened decisions can be made to substantially improve business performance and the world we live in.


A preeminent business school that creates, teaches, and applies life-changing knowledge in a distinctly collaborative community based in Hanover and extending around the world.

Tuck's community thrives when its members feel engaged with their work, with each other, and with the broader world. Our uniquely collaborative culture facilitates the creation of wisdom—and thus of distinctly successful leaders. We aspire to create, teach, and apply path-breaking ideas that, through management and leadership, better the world of business. Because of how essential talented people are to Tuck's success, we continually strive to attract, retain, and nurture outstanding students, faculty, and staff.

“During your time in our distinctly immersive learning community, you will tackle new ideas, engage with the diversity and dynamism of the world, and develop the knowledge and wisdom to better lives and the broader world of business.”
– Dean Matthew J. Slaughter


Tuck is unique among elite business schools because we focus on areas of excellence, the heart of which is an incomparable MBA program, that are distinctly personal, connected, and transformative.

Tuck has long cultivated a collaborative learning community distinguished by the core values of being personal, connected, and transformative. Greater success in cultivating these core values will enhance the development of the confident humility, empathy, and judgment central to wisdom. Five pillars, taken together, ground these core values and our learning community in ways that make Tuck unique among top business schools.

Exceptional rigor and relevance of curricula.
Tuck's MBA curriculum, for example, blends a comprehensive first-year foundation of core fundamentals with a rich collection of second-year electives that both deepen interests and broaden horizons—all springing from the creative and inspirational research ideas of our engaged, accessible faculty.

A distinctly immersive and highly personal learning environment that fosters aspirational growth.
Thanks to our personalized support and trust, students can challenge themselves more and thus achieve deeper, longer-lasting learning and growth.

A modern learning environment that is both globally connected and technologically advanced.
Learning at Tuck draws on and is integrated into the world's diversity, dynamism, and innovation.

An extraordinarily loyal and generous network of alumni.
In industries and careers around the world, Tuck alumni selflessly provide teaching, counsel, and opportunities.

A rich quality of life.
Tuck is located in a welcoming location both in terms of Dartmouth College, its Ivy League parent, and its quintessential New England college town setting.