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Our Team

Admissions System and Data Analyst, Admissions & Financial Aid
Kelsie A. Aasen

Kelsie Aasen
Admissions System & Data Analyst
+1 603-646-9287

Tuck Admissions Marketing Coordinator Sarah L. Baker

Sarah Baker

Associate Director, Admissions Marketing
+1 603-646-2840

Sandra Baker, Assistant Director, Financial Aid

Sandy Belisle
Assistant Director, Financial Aid
+1 603-646-0640

Diane Bonin, Director, Financial Aid

Diane Bonin
Director of Financial Aid
+1 603-646-1571

Tuck Admissions Coordinator Greer Brown

Greer Brown
Admissions Events Manager
+1 603-646-0878

Kari Chen

Kari Chen
Admissions Events, Interview
& Administrative Coordinator
+1 603-646-0878

Megan Creeden

Megan Creeden
Assistant Director, Admissions Yield
+1 603-646-9265

Aleena Fazli

Aleena Fazli
Assistant Director, Admissions Marketing
+1 603-646-0878


Director of Admissions, Evaluation and Yield

Pat Harrison
Director of Admissions,
Evaluation & Yield
+1 603-646-3909

Admissions Operations Coordinator, Admissions & Financial Aid, Eleanor Higgins

Elle Higgins
Admissions Operations Coordinator
+1 603-646-4076


Director of Admissions, Recruitment and Marketing Amy Mitson

Amy Mitson
Director of Admissions,
Recruitment & Marketing
+1 603-646-0764

Associate Director Lesley Nesbitt

Lesley Nesbitt
Associate Director, Admissions Yield
+1 603-646-0484


Exectuive Director Luke Anthony Peña

Luke Anthony Peña
Executive Director of
Admissions & Financial Aid
+1 603-646-8641

Kristy Snow, Associate Director, Financial Aid

Kristy Snow
Associate Director, Financial Aid
+1 603-646-3746

Felicia Swoope

Felicia Swoope
Assistant Director, 
Admissions Recruitment
+1 603-646-0796

Director, Admissions Operations, Steve Vingerhoet

Steve Vingerhoet
Director of Admissions, Operations
+1 603-646-2432

Associate Director, Evaluation, Admissions & Financial Aid Valeria Wiens

Valeria Wiens
Associate Director, Evaluation
+1 603-646-1792