Visit and Interview at Tuck

We invite all applicants to come to campus.

Applying this year?

We encourage you to visit us in Hanover to interview, tour our campus, have lunch with our students, and talk with one of our admissions officers.

Schedule an Interview

Tuck students are smart, nice, accomplished, and aware. Admissions interviews are a key way for us to understand how you, as a candidate, demonstrate these qualities. Your interview gives us a more complete picture of who you are, how you’ll enrich our community, and how our program will help you thrive. While not required to apply, all applicants admitted to Tuck will have had an interview prior to an admissions offer.

There are two paths to an interview:

The Applicant-Initiated Interview (available on campus only)

We believe in the importance of getting to know you beyond the written application. We also want you to experience Tuck first-hand. Accordingly, we offer all applicants the opportunity to interview without having to wait for an invitation. Applicant-initiated interviews are scheduled online, and are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Please note that the schedule fills up quickly so sign up as soon as you know you can visit.

You must complete your applicant-initiated interview by October 26 (Round 1 and CGSM1 applicants); February 1 (Round 2 and CGSM2 applicants) or April 5 (Round 3 applicants). You may complete your interview before you submit your application.

The Committee-Initiated Invitational Interview (available on campus, off campus in select cities, and virtually)

We understand that not everyone is able to schedule a visit and interview in Hanover. Don’t worry if this is the case; you still may apply without an interview. We will review your application and then invite you to interview if we want to know more about you. Invitations to interview may be sent at any time after you submit your application up to the date we release admissions decisions. Unfortunately, we cannot invite all applicants to interview, so we encourage you to take advantage of the applicant-initiated interview if possible.

Which Interviews Are Valued More?

All interviews carry equal importance in our evaluation process, regardless of who conducts the interview, where it is held, or how it was initiated.

Tuck Interviewers

Interviews are conducted by either a trained second-year student interviewer or an admissions committee member.

Thinking ahead?

If you’re not applying this year or are still deciding if Tuck is right for you, we welcome your visit if space is available. We have limited space from August through February, as we give interviewing applicants first priority for visits. If you’d like to see if space is available during those months, please contact our Admissions Office directly.

To schedule your visit from March to May, please see our online visit registration.