The Investiture celebration took place on Saturday, June 10 at 1 p.m. Below is a list of awards and recipients from the class of 2023.

Tuck Distinguished Achievement Medal

Recipient: Carlos Rodriguez-Pastor T’88
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The John F. Anderson T'35 Award

Created in 2017 through a bequest from the donor, is awarded to the graduating student who, in the judgment of the faculty of the Tuck School, has shown the most promise in the pursuit of marketing skills.

Recipient: Carly Wolberg

Edward Tuck Scholars

Recognizes students who have demonstrated outstanding academic accomplishment during their two years at Tuck.

Highest Distinction recipients: Christopher Alvarez, David Matthews
High Distinction recipients: Erik David Alatalo, Bryan Edward Dextradeur, Chloe Chantelle Kempf, Mike Orenstein
Nicholas Reed, Matthew Walsh, Catherine Wetlinski
Distinction recipients: Anna Victoria Anderson, James Reid Aronstein, Wyatt French, John Kendall, Andrew Key, Amit Satya Lakamsani, Michael James Sanduski, Emma Toogood, Christopher Turi, Percy Vier, Yuehan Xiao
Tuck Scholars: Elizabeth R. Barry, Jigar Bhakta, Jamie Bourque, Penny Chen, George Clark, Shannon Conneely, Robert Edward Eckstein, Francesca Ferrero, Rahul Jaisingh, Campbell Johnson, Charles Adams Kuchenbrod, Seth Craige McNay, John Minderman, Karl Mortensen, Ryan Mackenzie Moyes, Dan Nulton, William Osborne, Allison Paul, Sravan Potnuru, Nico Rizo Patron, Stephen T. Sandford, Jared St Aubin, Kakeru Tsubota, Tory Waldstein, Joanna Weng, Sherry Yang

The Herman Feldman 1929 Memorial Prize

Awarded to a member of the second-year class who has done excellent work in his or her program as a whole and who has displayed interest in the field of leadership.

Recipient: Hanah Bae

The James A. and Sabra M. Hamilton Prize in Administration

Awarded to a member of the second-year class who, through personal qualifications and accomplishments in courses in the fields of business policy and organizational behavior, shows the greatest attributes of a capable administrator.

Recipient: Chloe Chantelle Kempf

The Lieutenant (J.G.) Walter A. Jacobs Memorial Prize

Awarded to a student, who during their first year, has demonstrated intellectual ability and curiosity, sound judgment in academic work and activities outside the classroom, and personal habits and conduct that inspire confidence and enthusiasm.

Recipient: John Minderman

The Charles I. Lebovitz Memorial Award

Awarded to a second-year student who, during the first year at Tuck, has made an outstanding contribution to the daily life of the school.

Recipients: Kakeru Tsubota

The Lillian and Charles Leech Prize for Excellence in Finance

Awarded to a graduating student who has shown excellence in the academic area of finance.

Recipient: Daniel Nulton

The Dero Saunders Award

Awarded to a graduating student who, through both personal qualities and accomplishments in management communication courses, demonstrates outstanding ability to communicate effectively as a manager.

Recipient: Annie Boardman

The Julia Stell Award

Awarded to a group of students who have made a substantial contribution to the Tuck community, demonstrated leadership in school programs and functions, and made extraordinary efforts to help fellow students.

Recipients: Kathryn Bayeux, Jigar Bhakta, Jamie Bourque, Sansha Cornelio, Elyse Curtis, Robert Edward Eckstein, Ava Giglio, Sam Haws, John Alden Haynes, Mitch Jacobs, Jasmine A. Joda, Geet Kalra, Chloe Chantelle Kempf, Dennis Kennelly, Charles Adams Kuchenbrod, Theresa McCartney, Destinee Chelsea Mentor- Richards, Oye Odewunmi, Allison Paul, Michael James Sanduski, Kakeru Tsubota, Kathryn Wilcox

Tuck Centennial Student Award

Awarded to a second-year student who exemplifies the spirit and character of the Tuck School. Chosen by their classmates, recipients embody outstanding leadership, selflessness in everyday actions, extensive involvement in the Tuck and Upper Valley communities, and a firm commitment to the traditions and principles of the school.

Recipient: Kakeru Tsubota


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