Faculty Directory

Prasad Vana

Associate Professor of Business Administration

Areas of Expertise

Marketing, machine learning, statistics and econometrics, optimization


PhD, London Business School, 2017; MS, University of Texas at Austin, 2007; B.Tech, Indian Institute of Technology, 2006


Professor Vana’s research is broadly situated in the area of digital marketing. His work focuses on three actions that firms have employed within the digital marketing ecosystem to attract consumer attention: 1) adopting new forms of digital promotions and advertising to attract consumers, 2) utilizing online reviews to help consumers through the purchase journey, and 3) using algorithms as a marketing lever to affect consumer choice and aid in firms’ objectives. He empirically examines these research questions by using statistical and econometric methods, machine learning, structural models as well as lab experiments and focuses on the identification of causal effects.

Professor Vana teaches the core Analytics I and II courses, and the Quantitative Digital Marketing elective in the MBA Program at Tuck.