Course Title

Technology and Entrepreneurship in Israel


Adam M. Kleinbaum, Associate Professor of Business Administration


December 2023

Destination Cities

Jerusalem and Tel Aviv

Course Description

The specific objective of the Israel GIX is to better understand Israel, its unique history, culture, political and business environment, and its approach to technology and entrepreneurship in both small and large companies. In this Global Insight Expedition, we will examine the historical antecedents to the modern State of Israel and consider how they gave rise to the economic, political and social structures in the country, and how those structures facilitate innovation and entrepreneurship. This experiential Global Insight Expedition combines a variety of company visits to offer a rich set of tangible examples that illustrate core management principles studied at the Tuck School. Importantly, the Global Insight Expedition not only provides an alternative learning experience that complements that offered on the Tuck School campus, but also an opportunity for students and faculty to spend time together discussing, debating, and synthesizing their experiences and understanding of business practices, particularly those that may differ across countries or cultures.