Paganucci Fellows

Anisha Ariff

Anisha Ariff D'19

Phoenix, AZ

Anisha Ariff is a senior studying Government and Middle Eastern Studies. She is originally from Phoenix, Arizona. She was drawn to the Paganucci Fellowship for the opportunity to explore the intersection of the private sector and social impact work. Looking ahead, she aspires toward a career in international law and social impact.

At Dartmouth, she is committed to fostering inclusivity and social progress, serving as the Policy Chair of the Student Presidential Committee on Sexual Assault, a Rocky Leadership Fellow, and an Undergraduate Advisor to first-year students. She studied abroad in Morocco and interned at the State Department and a free legal clinic working on immigration in Phoenix.  In her free time, Anisha enjoys doing crosswords, visiting art museums, and cooking.

After Dartmouth, she plans to work in management consulting prior to pursuing further education, with the eventual goal of working at the intersection of public policy and social impact with a focus on human rights.

Nayib Asis Elizalde

Nayib Asis Elizalde D'20

Monclova, Mexico

Nayib is a junior majoring in Government and minoring in Computer Science. He decided to apply to the Paganucci Fellowship to gain the skills that come with working in a professional setting and because he has always been interested in social entrepreneurship and its role in international development.

At Dartmouth, when he’s not studying for his classes or tutoring in the library, Nayib likes to spend time in the green and the river with his friends. Nayib has also been involved in welcoming new students to campus through the Dimensions program and First Year Trips and enjoys talking about all the amazing opportunities that Dartmouth provides.

In the future, Nayib hopes to learn more about international development and eventually pursue a career in that sector.

Benjamin Farrar

Benjamin Farrar D'18

Lake Tahoe, CA

Benjamin Farrar D’18 graduated from in June, after four eventful and exciting years at Dartmouth. He studied abroad in Cusco, Peru during his sophomore fall following a summer in Huaraz, Peru as a Tucker Fellow, and continued his passion for languages and literature, majoring in Hispanic Studies and later learning Italian. He was a drill instructor for both departments, and later in his Dartmouth career began learning photography and videography. He worked for the Office of Communications as a video intern, and made a variety of videos highlighting campus activities. Among his projects was a documentation of first-year-trips, a spotlight on the Dartmouth Ski Patrol, and most recently, a project documenting the Paganucci Fellowship. He was a ski patroller for all four years, and likes to ski at Tuckerman’s Ravine or go rock climbing at Rumney during his free time when in Hanover. Among his favorite memories at Dartmouth were the times spent cooking, laughing, and skiing or climbing with his closest friends. He moved to Seattle, WA following the Paganucci Fellowship, and is seeking a job that involves design thinking, digital media, or the outdoors. 

Ruihan Guo

Ruihan Guo D'19

Beijing, China

Ruihan is a senior from Beijing studying Mathematics and Classics. He was attracted to the Paganucci Fellowship because of his interest in education and social enterprises that also generate financial value. Ruihan is the co-founder of Strive for China, a non-profit organization in China hoping to boost economic and socio-cultural development in rural China by bridging local governments with potential resources. Ruihan also has a passion for law and legal justice, and has interned at the DC Superior Court, the VENG Group in Washington DC, and a prominent public law firm in China. In his free time, Ruihan enjoys playing basketball and table tennis, running, and playing the piano.

Iona Solomon

Ioana Solomon D'19

New York, NY

Ioana Solomon is a senior at Dartmouth College, majoring in Economics with a focus on international and development economics, and minoring in French Studies. She studied abroad in Paris during her sophomore winter and returned with a passion for travel and a newfound appreciation for experiences that bring her out of her comfort zone.

On campus, Ioana spends her evenings in the production room of The Dartmouth, serving as the newspaper’s executive production editor. She has also worked in the Admissions & Financial Aid office, served as an Undergraduate Advisor, led a First-Year Trip, and was a member of the Dartmouth women’s rowing team during her freshman and sophomore years.

In her limited free time, Ioana loves to hike, canoe, bike, read, do yoga, and play chess. Her favorite pastime is strolling through Hanover’s fall foliage and sunny spring views.

Looking forward, Ioana seeks to pursue a career in consulting and plans to return to New York City for its vibrant energy and incredible opportunities.